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Perilous Times Are Here! June 26, 2023

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Now The End Begins
Prophecy News Podcast – Aired 06.25.23
 With Host Geoffrey Grider | NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
Drag Marchers At NYC Pride Event Shout
‘We’re Here, We’re Queer And
We’re Coming For Your Children!’

When the LGBTQIA Pride drag marchers tell you that they’re ‘coming for your children’, you should believe them because they absolutely are

LGBTQ activists participating in New York City’s annual Drag March on Friday sparked outrage for chanting “we’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” in a Manhattan park. The marchers, many wearing flamboyant dresses and clothing, walked through Tompkins Square Park in the East Village Friday night as part of the city’s Pride Month celebrations. What was all that about? Oh nothing, just the Pride Movement announcing their plans to groom and recruit your kids.

“It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” Luke 17:2 (KJV)

On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, we’ve reached the last week of Pride Month 2023, and it’s going out with a bang. In New York, Pride marchers there were kind enough to validate something we have long warned about here at NTEB, that the Pride Movement needs to groom and recruit children into to stay alive and thrive. NTEB has warned you for over a decade that this was the Pride Plan, to groom and recruit your children, and at the very least you can take comfort in hearing them admit it here in 2023. All this and more on the Prophecy News Podcast.

Wretched Watchmen
The Watchtower (Not Affiliated With JW) Synopsis: Jen Hatmaker is very popular among the ladies in churches but many don't realize she is an advocate for witchcraft, the Enneagram, narcissism, Gnosticism, and the alphabet agenda... Stay away from this woman!

This clip taken from the must-see Episode 114: The Watchtower 6/20/23

The Common Sense Show
The 1st Step To Implement CBDC And Social Credit Has Just Begun!

The Economic Collapse
They Want To Implement A Global System Of Digital Identification “For All” That Would Be Connected To Our Bank Accounts

By Michael: It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where this could be heading. For a moment, I would like for you to imagine a rather chilling “fictional” scenario. Not too far in the future, all “global citizens” are required to possess proper “digital identification” or else they will not be permitted to access the new global digital financial system. Central banks all over the globe have rolled out their new “central bank digital currencies”, but in order to use those currencies you must “prove that you are who you say you are”, and the only way to do that is with the new global system of digital identification that has been introduced. As cash is phased out, those that resist being part of the new global system are increasingly pushed to the outer fringes of society. Hardly anyone is willing to employ them any longer, it has become virtually impossible for them to get loans, and they are looked down upon by much of the general population. And then after the vast majority of the global population has “willingly” signed up for the new global system of digital identification, it is announced that the system will now become mandatory. That means that anyone that does not submit will not be able to buy, sell, get a job or have a bank account.

You may think that I am exaggerating the dangers of a global system of digital identification. I wish that I was.

Harbingers Daily
Biblical Worldview Described As
‘Unrealistic Hysteria’
By New Zealand Tribunal

By Dean Dwyer: (Queensland, Australia) — In a place not far from Australia – over the ditch we call it – New Zealand Christians are, like the rest of the Western world, coming to grips with the fact that one may lose their livelihood simply by refusing to use someone’s preferred name and pronouns.

The latest case involves an unnamed man (it was redacted in the disciplinary findings) who we will refer to as Mr Teacher. According to the background of the case, between February 2021 and 14 May 2021, Mr Teacher “failed to respect the identity of a learner by refusing to call a learner by their preferred name and pronouns.” The summary of counsel’s petition to the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal is as follows:

Prophecy News Watch
Reading And Math Scores Plummet
As Racial And Sexual Activism
Replace Academics

By Tony Kinnett/Daily Signal: As America's public education system reports the worst literacy and math performance in decades, its schools dedicate increasingly immense portions of their time to lessons on the supposed virtues of racial and gender segregation. With only eight hours per day and 180 school days per year, one would think that everyone from the newest teacher's aide to the tenured administrators would call "all hands on deck" to spend every moment trying to close the enormous performance gaps inflamed by COVID-19 lockdowns.

Instead of utilizing data-proven methods to close gaps in literacy and math, like many private and microschools do, most public schools have centered on a different tactic: political distraction. As parents around the country began demanding answers for the lack of results from those they entrusted their children to, schools began presenting scapegoats to deflect the culpability in the mess they helped to make.

Frontpage Mag
Storming Our Castles

The Left’s War On Home Ownership, The Suburbs And The American Dream Intensifies

By Michael Finch: Around 90 A.D., the Roman historian Tacitus traveled through Germania observing the lives of its inhabitants. It was quite an eye-opening journey for him. Among his many observations, he noted how the Germanic people chose to live in small separate dwellings, separate from even extended family. Often these dwellings would house just a mother, father, and their children. That seems normal to us today, but it certainly wasn’t to Tacitus and the Romans, or much of the civilized world at that time.

Authors Michael Lotus and James Bennett wrote of this in their groundbreaking book “America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century Why America’s Greatest Days Are Yet to Come.” The Germanic tribes would take this radical cultural trait with them, when in the 5th Century A.D. they would conquer Britannia. In fact, the German tribe of Angles would give England its future name. While this cultural trait would not remain as powerful in Germania or in much of Europe, it would further migrate, most notably to America, Canada, and Australia. The idea of owning a single-family home is not unknown to the world, of course, but it planted its deepest cultural seeds here in the United States. The epitome of the American Dream is to own one’s home – a home is a man’s castle.

Geller Report
Fifty-Five Years Ago, We Were Warned

By Pamela Geller: It was an extraordinary yet now forgotten event: on July 15, 1967, NBC gave New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison nearly half an hour to rebut an earlier NBC show that had criticized how Garrison had conducted an investigation of people he thought were involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The segment was extraordinarily because today we are accustomed to the major news outlets only allowing one point of view to be heard. It was doubly extraordinary because Garrison took the opportunity to explain to the American people that they were being lied to by the political and media elites, in words that are even truer today than they were when he spoke them.

Life News
Joe Biden Will Make Killing Babies
In Abortions A Centerpiece
Of His Re-Election Campaign

By Kate Anderson: Catholic President Joe Biden is planning to bring his abortion agenda “front and center” during his reelection campaign, according to Politico.

Biden has been vocal about his pro-choice stance in the past and has called for Congress to pass legislation to make Roe v. Wade the law of the land after the Supreme Court struck it down last year. As Biden’s 2024 campaign continues, he is reportedly planning to make abortion a key argument for his electability, according to current and former White House officials who spoke to Politico Thursday.
U.S. Senator Introduces Bill To Disarm, Demilitarize The IRS:

‘Any Further Weaponization Of This Federal Agency Against Hardworking Americans And Small Businesses Is A Grave Concern’

By Leo Hohmann: Senator Joni Ernst, Republican of Iowa, introduced a bill last week which she has labeled in the form of a question: Her bill is called the “Why does the IRS Have Guns Act?”

“Why do paper-pushing tax collectors at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) need guns?” she asks on her website. “That’s the $35 million-dollar question.”

She says Americans should be “gravely concerned” that the IRS is armed, loaded, and coming after them. Especially given the agency’s history of conducting armed raids on innocent Americans

End Of The American Dream
Can You Explain What Has Gone Wrong With America?

By Michael Snyder: At this point, nobody can deny that we are a society in decline. In America today, you can buy a U.S. Senator for 10,000 dollars, test scores for 13-year-olds have dropped to alarmingly low levels, and the CDC is telling us that more people than ever are getting depressed. Our streets are filled with crime, the ranks of the homeless are absolutely surging, and we are facing the worst drug crisis in the entire history of our nation. Meanwhile, corruption is seemingly everywhere. The guy in the White House and his son have made millions of dollars in an epic influence-peddling scheme that stretched over many years, and the mainstream media doesn’t seem to care. Of course they know exactly what it is like to be bought and paid for, because the only reason the big news networks can survive is because of the millions of advertising dollars that the pharmaceutical industry continues to inject into their dying carcasses.

As Victor Davis Hanson has astutely observed, America was once experiencing a “gradual decline”, but now the fall of our nation “has accelerated at such an astonishing rate we can scarcely recognize our country”…

Natural News
Democrats BULLYING Target Over Removal Of Children’s Pride Wear

Telling Retailer To Keep On Grooming Kids And Promoting Pedophilia

By Ethan Huff: The attorneys general of 15 states have sent a threatening letter to Target expressing outrage over the retailer's decision to pull certain LGBTQ+ "Pride-themed" clothing items from some of its stores.

The AGs of Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington state are accusing Target of "succumbing to bullying" with the move, while also calling boycotters "hateful and disruptive."

According to Target, the reason it decided to pull the Pride apparel for kids from stores is not because its executive leadership suddenly grew a conscience, but rather because some customers were allegedly threatening employees over the displays.

All News Pipeline
Beware Another Govt Attempt To Manipulate And Control The Public

Will A Staged ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon’ Invasion Be A ‘Project Blue Beam’ Catalyst For The ‘New World Order’?

By Kathleen Gotto: Government and its research partners, such as SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), would have Americans believe that Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) is the new term to describe what has been previously termed as an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO. This conflation of the two terms is likely yet another government attempt to confuse and manipulate the American public.

Retired FBI Special Agent, John Desouza, adds credence to the late Serge Monast’s Project Blue Beam theory. Before delving into a fascinating discussion of Mr. Desouza’s FBI career, however, let’s first review the mind-bending writings of the late Serge Monast, investigative reporter from Quebec.

Monast had theorized that a four-step NASA/United Nations project would be the catalyst to create a New Age religion that would synthesize all religions into one and lead to worshipping the Antichrist in a New World Order dictatorship. As the reader will see, his theories, published and updated in 2018, are really about ultimate control of humanity using religion as the hook.

NASA would implement Project Blue Beam, Monast believed, with a system of advanced mind control as well as top secret technology in order to trick everyone into believing there’d been a second coming of sorts.