Friday, August 4, 2023

Sovereign Citizens: Does God Approve?

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Synopsis: PM shares a recent phone conversation with a self-avowed Sovereign Citizen. PM shares the man's beliefs with us, though there are many variations in The SC community. Though some points they make could be valid, overall, Christians should not embrace this, notwithstanding how Law Enforcement looks at people who pull that 'card'. A person can end up in jail; would it not be better to end up in jail for the cause of Christ, rather than trying to escape a traffic ticket, or assuming your rent is paid? Astonishingly, Kent Hovind, a well known advocate of Creationism, follows this, and went to jail for his failure to pay taxes; made video called "Redeeming the Straw Man". What pastor does now is share the KJB Scriptures, unequivocal, understandable. Who has sovereignty? GOD. To whom do we submit authority? Do we mistake greed for righteousness? However, there is a Biblical limit as PA delineates by Scriptures. Bereans, do your thing.

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