Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Update: On the Alien Mummies!!

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Pastor Mike Online – The Talk Show Hell Hates

Synopsis: The alien mummies found in Peru, went on display in Mexico being placed under scrutiny to either be proven or disproven. Mexican Ufologist, Jaime Maussan first brought this information to light, and since more and more whistleblowers are bringing this topic to the forefront of our consciousness, Pastor Mike deals with the proposition of what if these creatures are determined to be non-human, not of this earth. What are pastors telling their congregants, if anything. Could many believers face a crisis of faith? Pastor Mike teaches us there IS a biblical answer. We are all busy with just living day by day in this chaotic world, isn't it better to seek some answers before "disclosure" reaches critical mass? One of the mummies is said to have been carrying eggs. Check out the photos \ Pastor goes through some fascinating emails he received from listeners who had a paranormal experience. He shares this info to let people know they aren't alone, and that the Bible has something to say about all of it.

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