Thursday, October 19, 2023

Perilous Times Are Here! October 19, 2023

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Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
As Israel Struggles With Hamas, The United States Is Quickly Being Lured Into War With Iran As The Far Left Media Fans The Flames

This war is 11 days old, and mighty Israel, the super power of the Middle East, is already losing it. America coming to their rescue has only made matters worse, much worse

Last night, the entire world witnessed an astonishing scene. A hospital in Gaza was blown to pieces and with it over 500 souls who were blasted into eternity, leaving a sickening pile of wreckage and broken bodies, many of them children. Immediately, the terrorist group Hamas, who on October 7th executed 1,400 Israelis including 40 babies they decapitated, blamed Israel for the bombing of the hospital and in an instant, that lie was repeated as proven fact by the world’s media. The world has gone insane.

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.” Matthew 24:6-8 (KJV)

Joe Biden got on a plane and flew to Israel today, in a desperate attempt to head off war, a war that grows larger by the hour. American resources have been depleted and stretched thin, we’ve given over $113 billion to Ukraine, with many billions more in armaments and munitions. America is a leaderless nation, with no set foreign policy, and events unfolding now if not quickly put in check could result in short and long term unprecedented disaster.

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Latest Videos & Breaking News 10.18.23

Synopsis: “Language Warning”

American Military News
Pics: Media Wrongly Blames Israel For Hospital Explosion Caused By Palestinian Terrorists

By Timothy Frudd: Multiple news outlets immediately blamed Israel for an explosion at a hospital in Gaza that reportedly claimed the lives of 471 people Tuesday; however, intelligence reports indicate that Israel was not responsible for the strike on the civilian hospital.

U.S. officials have indicated that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group is responsible for Tuesday’s explosion at a hospital in Gaza, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Jonathan Cahn - ‘Hamas Shall Be No More Heard in Your Land’

Host Derek Gilbert: Jonathan Cahn, author of the #1 best seller The Josiah Manifesto, explains the significance of the Hebrew word hamas (“violence”), which is found 61 times in the Old Testament.

Prophecy News Watch
America’s Universities Reap
What They Have Sown

By Rob Schwarzwalder/The Washington Stand: America's elite institutions are shuddering from the impact of the outbursts of anti-Semitism on their campuses. Their spasms of panic are animated less by the Israel-hatred and hostility to Jews emanating from their students than by something even atheist materialist postmoderns find terrifying: loss of income.

From Harvard to Berkeley, universities long-reputed to be the nation's -- and often the world's -- finest have proven to be cauldrons of seething bigotry. But it's bigotry of a specific kind, aimed at Jews and the State of Israel.

This is not new; it's been simmering for years. As journalist Seth Mandel reports, many universities' "diversity, equity, and inclusion" agenda is substantially anti-Semitic. Numerous incidents of anti-Semitism have been well-documented, and the U.S. Department of Education currently is reviewing reports of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish behavior -- even by some professors -- at the City University of New York and its law school, UCLA, U.C. Berkeley, George Washington University, the University of Vermont, the State University of New York at New Paltz, and the University of Illinois.

Since Hamas launched its atrocity-laden attack on Israel on October 7, there have been outbursts of unrestrained Israel hatred at some of our country's most storied places of higher education. Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania are among the schools at the center of the storm, but not just because so many of their students have signed odious petitions and blamed Israel for Hamas's morally squalid assault.

Stew Peters Network
Israel’s Deal With Pfizer To Use Country As Lab Rats! Athlete Now “Living Nightmare” Due To Pfizer

Harbingers Daily
Obsessed With Destroying The Jews:
The Ultimate Enemy Of Israel Is Satan

By Olivier Melnick: “Israel is an occupier!” “Israel is an apartheid country!’ “Israel is a colonizer!” “The Zionist regime stole land from the Palestinians!” Over the last few decades, we’ve heard it all. The world has incessantly painted a very negative picture of Israel, imposing a reputation on the only Jewish state in the world that many people have now come to hate. It’s not based on facts, but it continues to be spread. As a result, amid a full-blown war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip to respond to the most extensive twenty-first-century pogrom since the Holocaust, Israel is still seen as the perpetrator.

How could Hamas accuse Israel of occupation when there are no Jews in the Gaza Strip? Hamas governs the Strip and has since 2005, after Israel unilaterally disengaged from the area. After the legislative elections of 2006, Hamas became the ruling party and has been ever since, with no new election in 17 years. The Gaza Strip is 100% Palestinian-ruled and not under “occupation”.

Incidentally, the whole land of Eretz Yisrael is Jewish land and has been for about 4,000 years. For those who care to learn history and learn from it, a timeline of the history of the Land of Israel can be beneficial. Here are just a few of the many markers on this critical timeline. Palestine is never mentioned in any of these Bible passages or anywhere in the Bible, for that matter. Jewish presence in the land has been uninterrupted for about 4,000 years...

Frontpage Mag
Israel’s Work Permits for Gaza Enabled The Hamas Attack

Gazans got permits to work inside Israel. They came as killers and rapists.

By Daniel Greenfield: Among the litter of guns, korans, and maps discarded by the Hamas terrorists whose bodies lie alongside bullet-riddled vehicles and dusty roads are green Gaza IDs with work permits. Normally residents of the Hamas territory can’t enter Israel, but work permits allowed over 20,000 Gazans to enter Israel. When some returned, it was as Hamas rapists and killers.

The Hamas invasion succeeded so well because the terrorists had an intimate knowledge of the communities they were targeting because they had worked there or had intelligence from those who had worked there. The attackers had detailed maps and building layouts. One woman whose husband and son were murdered said that the Hamas terrorists knew the names of the people, how many children they had and even which of them owned dogs.

Hagmann Report
Special Broadcast:
Craig “The Saw Man” Sawyer In-studio

Natural News
150K Square-foot Ammunition Plant In Nebraska Mysteriously Explodes – Is This Another Planned Assault On Vital U.S. Infrastructure?

By Ethan Huff: As all eyes are on the Israel-Palestine conflict, another mysterious factory explosion occurred, this time at an ammunition plant in Nebraska.

The Hornady Manufacturing plant located near Grand Island blew up on October 13, killing one woman and injuring two men. The explosion occurred in the company's chemical compound building, located at 8350 W. Old Potash Highway.

"One individual was transported by ambulance to the hospital with concussion symptoms and one individual was privately transported to the hospital for symptoms related to breathing in dust (and) fumes," announced Hall County Attorney Marty Klein.

Lisa Haven
Klaus Schwab Eclipsed
By New WEF Unfathomable Movement!

Geller Report
INSURRECTION: Pro-Terror Genocidal Jew Haters Breach the Capital

By Pamela Geller: This is the poison fruit of the Democrat party of treason.

No January 6th treatment for these violent insurrectionists. Will the FBI post their photos and track them across the country?

Imagine if they shot someone to death.

The Ben Armstrong Show
The World In Chaos Is Very Bad For U.S.

Synopsis: Wars and rumors of wars. On top of that, globalists try to destroy America from within.

The Last Refuge
“Barry’s Fingerprints Are All Over This”…

By Sundance: In discussion of the Middle East, the current dynamic of Hamas attacking Israel, and the necessary, albeit perhaps painful response that will now be delivered by Israel, some have noted Obama’s fingerprints are all over this. It’s true, and it is worth remembering the history of this as it pertains to the U.S. triggering the Arab Spring as the first deployment of Obama’s foreign policy.

Obama didn’t travel to Cairo, Egypt for his first foreign policy trip accidentally; he did it with great intent and purpose.

The layers and layers of ideologues he and Hillary embedded in the institutions of the State Dept are as deep as the layers of ideologues Obama embedded in Main Justice and the intelligence community.

The time when Barry needed to give directions is long past. The embeds are self-aware, acting on purpose, and the outcomes we see today are simply manifestations of that activity.

The Common Sense Show
Defund The UN And Save Humanity From Enslavement! Representative Luna

The Economic Collapse
Every Signal Indicates That War With Hezbollah Is About To Start As Iran Raises The Black Flag

By Michael Snyder: All of the signs are telling us that a war between Israel and Hezbollah is imminent. And once it begins, the U.S. and Iran will inevitably get sucked into the conflict as well. We are literally talking about an apocalyptic scenario, and that is going to have enormous implications for all of us. Hezbollah has an arsenal of 130,000 missiles that it can launch at Israeli cities, Iran possesses even greater firepower than Hezbollah does, and the Israelis have quite a few surprises up their sleeves. I will just leave it at that for now. As this war evolves, the entire world will be shocked by the death and destruction that we witness.

Unfortunately, there is no turning back now.

On Wednesday, the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iran met in Jeddah…

Dr. Steve Turley
Soros-Funded DA Gets Carjacked
As Blue States Implode!