Saturday, October 28, 2023

Perilous Times Are Here! October 28, 2023

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Crosstalk America Christian Radio

News Roundup & Comment

Synopsis: These are critical times. That's why Crosstalk works hard to help you stay up to date concerning news events taking place around the world. Here's a selection of stories from the first quarter hour of the broadcast:

Israeli Defense Forces said today that they are expanding their ground operation into Gaza.

The Israeli Defense Forces and the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Service) successfully killed the deputy head of Hamas' intelligence department, who along with another Hamas leader, planned the October 7th attack.

The U.S. military conducted air strikes on two facilities in eastern Syria yesterday. That's in response to ongoing attacks against American military and personnel in Iraq and Syria over the past week.

An approximate 900 additional troops stationed in the U.S. are being deployed to the Middle East in response to all that's taking place.

19 American service members stationed in Iraq and Syria have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury after rocket and drone attacks from Iran backed militants last week.

A man was arrested Wednesday in Los Angeles after trying to invade the home of a Jewish family. He was heard yelling, "Free Palestine" and "Kill Jews."

Several Jewish students were attacked and injured by a pro-Palestinian mob at Tulane University.

Maine Governor Janet Mills said yesterday that 18 people are dead and 13 were injured after a gunman opened fire Monday evening in multiple locations in the town of Lewiston, Maine. Police have a warrant out for the arrest of Robert Card.

The Last Refuge
Speaker Johnson Sits Down
With Sean Hannity

By Sundance: Sometimes I just sit and shake my head. Why these guys keep appearing with Sean Hannity is beyond my understanding. That said, the platform and host is the first warning sign, the content of the interview is another.

Speaker Mike Johnson, who is a significant upgrade from Speaker Kevin McCarthy, sits down for an extensive discussion on current political events where Sean Hannity can tell Johnson his role and responsibility as Speaker. WATCH:

Now The End Begins
Prophecy News Podcast – Aired 10.27.23
 With Host Geoffrey Grider | NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
American Jews Being Told To ‘Stay Away’
In Brooklyn As Pro-Palestinian Rallies
Echo 1933 Nazi Germany

American Jews no longer safe on the streets in cities like Brooklyn as pro-Palestinian and pro-Hamas riots make life intolerable, and dangerous

A day after Jewish college kids found it necessary to barricade themselves inside a library in the center of Greenwich Village while a mob of repugnant terrorist-lovers banged on the locked doors trying to get at them, the message is being broadcast that, on this Sabbath, Jews in Brooklyn had better remain at home. Stay inside. Lock the doors. A pro-Palestinian protest is scheduled for 3 p.m. Saturday in front of the Brooklyn Museum. Achtung, Juden!

“Then Mordecai commanded to answer Esther, Think not with thyself that thou shalt escape in the king’s house, more than all the Jews.” Esther 4:13 (KJV)

On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, America may be a ‘woke, diverse and inclusive’ nation in 2023, but that doesn’t seem to apply to the Jews as antisemitism is alive and well and on display for all to see. How are local law enforcement dealing with it? By telling the Jews it’s no longer safe to be on the streets, and that they should not be around when the pro-Palestinian riots are taking place. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like in 1933 Germany when the ‘tide began to turn’ for the Jews under Adolf Hitler, now you know. It looked like then what it looks like right now. Today we will bring you all the end times news you can handle related to the Jews, Israel and rapidly-changing events in the Middle East. Just this morning, American forces struck targets in Syria as the drumbeats for WWIII grow ever louder. TO THE FIGHT!!!

Heydon Music News
Latest Videos & Breaking News 10.27.23

Synopsis: “Language Warning”

Harbingers Daily
The Real War Has Not Yet Begun

By Amir Tsarfati: (Galilee, Israel) — Shalom from a land at war. “But, Amir, how can you have peace when there are enemies to your north and south?” First of all, we’ve always had enemies to our north and south. They are just more active now. But second, my peace does not come from the crazy or calm that surrounds me. That kind of situational peace is temporary and has no real foundation. My peace is of a permanent kind because it is built upon the strong footing of Scripture and finds its backing in the character of a promise-keeping Creator. While I love and support the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and I am thankful for the help that the U.S. is giving to us, I recognize they are just tools in the hand of the One who is truly in control. Some trust in jet planes and some trust in Iron Domes, but I will trust in the name of the Lord our God.

That being said, this is not a peaceful land right now. I used to tell tour participants who were worried about safety in Israel, “You’ll be in more danger on your drive to the airport than you will be here in Israel.” That is no longer the case. There is an unease in my country that you can feel everywhere you go.

UN Chief Tries to Excuse Hamas

Host Derek Gilbert: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres this week blamed the murderous terror attack by Hamas on Israel’s 56-year occupation of Gaza, a statement that is morally bankrupt and historically ignorant.

5) Embargo on Iranian missiles expires;

4) U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports new record of 3.2 million encounters with illegal immigrants in FY 2023;

3) Mike Johnson (R-LA) new Speaker of the House;

2) Gunman “hearing voices” kills at least 22 in Lewiston, Maine;

1) COP28 climate summit hosted by United Arab Emirates and chaired by CEO of its national oil company.

Prophecy News Watch
Looking At The Big Picture —
America’s Adversaries Are All Connected

By Joshua Arnold/Washington Stand: A day after murderous terrorists invaded Israel, critical infrastructure connecting frontline NATO allies was shut down as a "result of external activity" -- possibly foreign sabotage -- according to Finnish President Sauli Niinisto. "Russia sympathizes with us," senior Hamas official Ali Baraka said in a Sunday interview on the government-controlled Russia Today TV. "One war eases the pressure in another war."

While Finnish and Estonian officials are still investigating the disruption of a pipeline and communication cable, the timing is likely no coincidence. If it resulted from foreign action, then the foreign agents took advantage of the fact that world attention was focused elsewhere to carry out an operation they had likely already planned. Did Russia have prior knowledge of Hamas's invasion plan?

Stew Peters Network
U.S. Rejects Russia’s Call For Middle East Ceasefire,
Owen Shroyer A Political Speech Prisoner

The United States government is now arresting journalists for being on the ground while covering the events of January 6, 2021.
Twitter influencer Matt Wallace is here to talk about the need for brave men to speak the truth boldly in the face of government tyranny.
Jenna Ellis broke down during a communist show trial designed to hurt President Donald Trump’s truthful claims about the stolen 2020 election.
Former radio host and political commentator JD Sharp explains the political ramifications of these bogus charges and phony confession.
The 1980s called and they want their foreign policy back.
Investigative journalist Sulaiman Ahmed is here to report the truth about what's happening between Israel and Gaza.

Daily Veracity with Vincent James
War And Rumors Of War:
The Forbidden Truth About The War, And The Puppeteers Pulling The Strings

Frontpage Mag
CAIR Demands Biden Apologize For Questioning Hamas

“Deeply Disturbed And Shocked”

By Daniel Greenfield: CAIR issued a press release in which CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad claimed to be “deeply disturbed and shocked by the dehumanizing comments that President Biden made about the almost 7,000 Palestinians slaughtered by the Israeli government over the past two weeks.”

Awad understandably didn’t quote the Biden statement he was condemning.

Biden questioned the fake casualty numbers being put out by Hamas, stating that “I have no confidence in the number that the Palestinians are using” and “I have no notion that the Palestinians are telling the truth about how many people are killed. I’m sure innocents have been killed, and it’s a price of waging a war.”

Hagmann Report
America The Beautiful... Target

Natural News
New House Speaker Mike Johnson Vows To Send Billions Of U.S. Taxpayer Dollars To Defend Israel While America’s Own Border Remains Undefended

By Ethan Huff: Despite overwhelming American public opposition to sending more aid in the form of tax dollars and weapons to Israel, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.), the new speaker of the House, has promised that his first act as head of the GOP in Congress will be to transfer billions of American taxpayer dollars to Israel.

Perpetuating the same Israel First policy that many other corrupt politicians, both left and right, embrace, Johnson made it very clear with the first words out of his mouth as House speaker that, in his view, Israel comes first and America comes second.

Behold Israel With Amir Tsarfati
His People?

Synopsis: Believe it or not, the same question that the Apostle Paul asked 2,000 years ago is still being debated today - Has God cast away His people? The issue of Replacement Theology – the belief that God has transferred to the Church the promises He originally gave to Israel - has been a plague on Christianity from its inception. What did some of the early Church fathers and reformers teach about Israel? What are some modern pastors and teachers espousing regarding the Jews? Does this issue really matter? Join Amir for his new message, "His People?", as he looks at how the Word of God answers this all-important question.

The Economic Collapse
We Are About To Witness One Of The Most Pivotal Moments In Modern History

By Michael Snyder: Most people don’t seem to realize that one of the most important moments that any of us have ever witnessed is about to happen. When the Israeli invasion of Gaza officially commences, nothing will ever be the same from that point forward. The entire Middle East will erupt in flames and the global economy will go completely haywire. But Israel doesn’t have a choice in this matter. If our babies were killed, our women were raped and our grandmothers were kidnapped, we would be going to war with Hamas too. Unfortunately, much of the Islamic world is uniting behind Hamas, and so Israel could soon find itself literally fighting a war of national survival.

I know that Israel does not want to fight a multi-front war against multiple Islamic enemies.

But once again, after what Hamas just did to Israeli women and children, there is no choice.

Hamas must be destroyed, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that the timing of the ground invasion has been decided…

Geller Report
Here Are Hamas Documents That Instruct To Kill, take Hostage Civilians, Take Over Towns Villages, Schools, Youth Centers

By Pamela Geller: Unutterable barbarity.

Hamas Documents Captured By Israel And Released By IDF Spokesman’s Office Instruct Operatives To Kill And Take Hostage As Many Israeli Civilians As Possible, As Well As Soldiers, Take Over Kibbutzim And Communities Near Gaza Border, Search Schools And Youth Center

Lisa Haven
They’re Not Telling You This! Have You Been To Your Bank? If Not, You’ll Be Shocked When You Arrive!

The Ben Armstrong Show
U.S. Strikes Syria, Will Bible Prophecy Be Fulfilled As WW3 Escalates?

Synopsis: The countries that are named in the bible are the exact countries in conflict right now. The wars and judgments of these nations were written about in the bible. Are they about to be fulfilled?

The David Knight Show
Little Shop Of Horrors: Mixing Plants With Animals For “Meat Protein”

Synopsis: Mad science genetic modification of plants to produce beef & pork protein, genetic modification of other plants to suck CO2 out of the air and store it into the ground.

Wretched Watchmen
The Watchtower Clip Synopsis (Not Affiliated With JW): One of the main systems for the Beast System is to make everyone dependent upon the system... To bring in a UBI or Universal Basic Income program you will need to eliminate jobs and reduce the human workforce... This is where the AI & robotic workforce comes in... Amazon is leading the way with already 750,000 robots in the workforce...

The Watchman Newscast With Erick Stakelbeck
Israel’s Next Phase Of Hamas War Begins; Israeli Tanks Enter Gaza

Synopsis: The long awaited Israel military invasion of Gaza has begun. What will be Israel’s strategy in this multifaceted attack to root out Hamas? Also, how will Iran and Hezbollah respond? Watch now!

The Common Sense Show
What Japan & China Just Did Will Collapse The U.S. Banking System!

Dr. Steve Turley
Big Pharma Imploding While Covid Rumors Increase!

A Minute To Midnite
Why The Global Elite Are Hungry
For War To Escalate

Synopsis: Tony is joined by Alex Newman, who brings to light some sobering truths about the global situation we are facing.

American Military News
Hamas Terrorist Base Hidden
Below Hospital, Israel Says

By Timothy Frudd: The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) accused Hamas terrorists of operating a secret military base beneath Al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest medical facility.

During a Friday press conference, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, an IDF spokesman, stated, “Hamas terrorists operate inside and under Shifa hospital — and other hospitals in Gaza — with a network of terror tunnels. Shifa is not the only hospital — it is one of many. Hamas’ use of hospitals is systematic.”

The IDF released images and detailed graphics to support the claim, showing what the IDF alleges to be an extensive command post beneath Al-Shifa Hospital, which serves as a critical healthcare center with 1,500 beds and over 4,000 staff members, according to Fox News.

CBN News
U.S. Strikes Iranian Targets

Synopsis: The manhunt continuing for the suspect in the Lewiston, Maine, mass shootings. U.S. Fighter jets launched airstrikes early today against two locations in eastern Syria. Israel is also keeping up its military actions against Hamas in Gaza. Israeli troops are gathered in southern Israel, waiting for the green light to go into Gaza. One quick-thinking IDF soldier made the ultimate sacrifice in the face of overwhelming numbers.