Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Perilous Times Are Here! October 4, 2023

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A Minute To Midnite
Warning. Totalitarian Global Control Is Getting Close To Full Implementation!

Synopsis: Tony K brings to light important facets of the global plan to control the masses and implement a totalitarian regime, and explains how quickly they are bringing the pieces of the plot together.

Heydon Music News
Latest Videos & Breaking News 10.03.23

Synopsis: “Language Warning”

Harbingers Daily
Why the Imbalance?:
The Bias Against Israel Is Driven By Satan’s Desire To Invalidate God’s Word

By Amir Tsarfati: In 2022, the United Nations General Assembly passed more resolutions critical of Israel than against all other nations combined. The General Assembly approved 15 anti-Israel resolutions last year compared to 13 resolutions criticizing other countries, according to the monitoring group UN Watch.

Russia was the focus of six resolutions condemning its invasion of Ukraine. North Korea, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Syria, Iran, and the U.S. were hit with one resolution each. Saudi Arabia, China, Lebanon, Turkey, Venezuela, and Qatar, which have poor human rights records or were involved in regional conflicts, were not dinged by any resolutions criticizing them.

UFOs, Demons, And The Pentagon

Host Derek Gilbert: A MUFON official claims that Christians inside the Pentagon shut down its UFO investigation office because they were afraid the craft were piloted by demons. This is disinformation—partly true but intended to make Christians look foolish.

5) Gavin Newsom appoints Maryland woman to replace California Sen. Dianne Feinstein;

4) Israel reportedly hits Iranian weapons shipment inside Syria;

3) Co-founder of Greenpeace Canada calls climate crisis a hoax;

2) Another sugar substitute found to have dangerous health consequences;;

1) MUFON officials claims Christians inside Pentagon are afraid of UFOs..

Prophecy News Watch
Among Progressives
Belief In God Has Collapsed

BySarah Holliday/Washington Stand: There's no doubt we are seeing an increase in progressivism in politics in the U.S. and across the globe. In recent decades, around the 2000s and onward, even casual observers have seen an increased divide in the political landscape.

Those disagreements don't suggest that one party is evil and the other is not. For years, both sides shared common values on things like women's rights, a strong military, and growing economy. The term "progressivism" was a term largely absent in dialogue -- but lately, something's different. The priorities between the two sides have noticeably changed.

Stew Peters Network
Dinesh D’Souza Interview:
“Police State” Film Exposes Coming Christian Persecution

As tyranny rises, Christians are realizing their obligation to stand up for truth and against the lies.
Dinesh D'Souza is here to talk about his new film, “Police State”, and how Christians should prepare for the coming persecution.
The FBI and the DOJ are weaponizing the term “domestic terrorist” to target Christians and arrest them.

World Net Daily
Decade-long Leftist Assault On Christian Baker Jack Phillips Back In Court!

State’s High Court Takes Up Fight After Supreme Court Rules On Speech Forced By State

Synopsis: The Colorado Supreme Court has decided to take up a years-long assault by leftists on Colorado Christian baker Jack Phillips, who earlier won at the U.S. Supreme Court his right not to be forced by the state to carry its religious messaging and ideologies.

But the decision for Phillips was on a technicality and now, finally, after more than a decade, the war could be nearing its end.

At issue now is a lawsuit an extremist in the transgender community filed against Phillips for declining to violate his faith and use his cake artistry to promote transgenderism.

Daily Veracity with Vincent James
Small Child Gang Raped By Illegals In Minnesota As U.S. Chooses To Only Deport European Immigrants

Frontpage Mag
The Chilling Reason Why Islamic Apologists Love the Old Testament

A Response To Paul Williams

By Robert Spencer: There is an entire cottage industry of Islamic apologists who claim to know Christianity better than Christians themselves do; their arguments in this line usually consist of quoting various passages from the Mosaic Law and claiming that the Christians are being dishonest or ignorant when they insist that such passages do not apply to Christian belief and practice, and never has.

Hagmann Report
AG Garland Should Be Prosecuted & Imprisoned; The Connections Under Garland

End Of The American Dream
The Great AI Invasion:
Given Enough Time, Artificial Intelligence Would Take Over Every Area Of Our Lives

By Michael Snyder: Artificial intelligence is changing our world at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking. If you would have asked me a decade ago if I would live to see artificial intelligence create a world class piece of art or a full-length feature film, I would have said no way. But now those are simple tasks for artificial intelligence to accomplish. So what is going to happen once AI becomes millions of times smarter and millions of times more powerful than it is today? Given enough time, AI would take over every area of our lives. Our world is definitely crazy right now, but fifty years from now it would resemble something out of an extremely bizarre science fiction novel if AI is allowed to continue to develop at an exponential rate.

Unfortunately, only a very small minority of the population is even concerned about the potential dangers posed by AI, and that is a problem.

The Ben Armstrong Show
The People Who Lied and Brainwashed Americans To Poison Themselves

Synopsis: Many people lost relatives to the vaccine because of these people. Let us not forget who the most evil liars in America are. These demons have blood on their hands. They may get away with it in this life, but God will not forget what they did. Vengeance is the Lords.

The Economic Collapse
Is China Pre-Positioning Vast Numbers Of Soldiers, Spies and Saboteurs In U.S. Communities For The Coming War?

By Michael Snyder: There has been a dramatic spike in the number of Chinese nationals that are coming across our borders. The vast majority of them are men, and the vast majority of those men are of military age. Most of the time, when these men are intercepted by U.S. officials they claim that they have come to apply for asylum in the United States. Of course they know that their court dates will be set far into the future because our system is being absolutely overwhelmed by asylum seekers right now. As they wait for their court dates, most of them are released into the United States and are permitted to go wherever they want. So what this means is that thousands upon thousands of Chinese men of military age have been allowed into this country, and we don’t know where they are or what they are doing.

According to Fox News, the number of Chinese nationals that are being encountered at our borders far exceeds anything that we have ever seen before…

The David Knight Show
Here’s the REAL Comparison Of J6 To Jamaal’s Fire Alarm Insurrection

Synopsis: Trump was right that there is a strong similarity but he didn’t get it quite right.

Geller Report
The U.S. House Votes To Remove Kevin McCarthy As Speaker Of The House

By Pamela Geller: Take back the GOP and oust the RINOs. The last time a vote to vacate happened was 1910 but this is the first time it passed and the Speaker was removed.

The Watchman Newscast With Erick Stakelbecl
Israel Airstrikes Target Iran Weapons Convoy In Syria; Hezbollah-bound Shipment?

Synopsis: On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down reports that Israel carried out airstrikes early Sunday against an Iranian weapons convoy near Damascus. The weapons were reportedly bound for Lebanon, where they would have gone into the hands of Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah. As Iran persists in its attempts to use Syria a hub, is a collision course with Israel inevitable? Plus, a new U.S. report says that Iran may be even closer to possessing a nuclear bomb than previously thought. Will Israel act when the time comes? Watch now!

Natural News
Dissenting Views Criminalized In The U.k. Under New Online Safety Act, Which Gets You Arrested If Government Doesn’t Like What You Say

By Ethan Huff: An independent journalist based out of England has been arrested for sharing "malinformation" about Ukraine.

In accordance with the new Online Safety Act, also known as the United Kingdom's censorship law, Warren Thornton, who runs the podcast "The Real Truth," was in the midst of streaming on September 24 when police officers in Bristol showed up at his door and demanded entry in order to speak with him.

For the apparent crime of spreading "misinformation" about the situation in Ukraine, Thornton was hauled off by the cops and will presumably now be charged with some kind of "crime" for his disobedient speech.

Greg Reese
Nobel Peace Prize For Shot That Killed Over A Hundred Thousand American Children

Synopsis: The perpetrators of this mass murder remain free, pushing for round two, and awarding themselves the Nobel Peace Prize.