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Perilous Times Are Here! November 17, 2023

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Latest Videos & Breaking News 11.16.23

Synopsis: “Language Warning”

Harbingers Daily
Worldview Matters:
What’s the Connection Between Eugenics and Evolution?

By Ken Ham: The history of eugenics is often overlooked in American history. Few people know that from the beginning of the twentieth century until around WW II, very powerful eugenics societies and laws existed that tried to ensure the next generation was “well born” by sterilizing (sometimes forcibly!) those deemed “unfit” to pass along their genes. Eugenics was even taught to public (government) high school students by one of the main biology textbooks used in the 1920s. Where did these ideas come from?

Well, a recent article from LifeSite News highlighted the connection between Darwinian evolution and the thinking of the early eugenicists. Jonathon Van Maren writes...

Jason A
Something Prophetic Is Happening!

Prophecy News Watch
Hamas’s Useful Idiots In The U.S., Europe

By Bassam Tawil/Gatestone Institute: The "pro-Palestinian" demonstrations that have taken place in the US and some European countries over the past few days are all about hating Israel and Jews, not about helping the Palestinians - especially those who have been living under the rule of the Iran-backed Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip since 2007.

People who are really pro-Palestinian would be demonstrating for them to have leaders that do not siphon off billions in international aid, or who shoot at them when they try to flee to safety, or who do not store weapons and ammunition in and near their homes and schools.

Instead of supporting the eradication of Israel, the demonstrators should be calling for the eradication of Hamas, whose members are holding two million Palestinians as hostages, while their leaders are living luxuriously in hotels in Qatar.

Instead of calling for genocide against Jews and the destruction of Israel, the "pro-Palestinian" demonstrators should be calling for the liberation of the Gaza Strip - from Hamas, which has brought a new nakba (catastrophe) on two million Palestinians living there, and whose people are finally starting to speak out about their despair over their own brutal leadership there.

Stew Peters Network
Travis Kelce Is Mr. Pfizer!
Ice Skate Killer Arrested,
Uni-party Backs Remote Car Kill Switch

Dr. Ben Tapper is back with Stew to talk about how Travis Kelce is a puppet of Big Pharma.
Marc Morano, the author of “The Great Reset”, is here to talk about how Congress is attacking the freedom to travel within the United States.
Josh Lekach, host of the show “Wrong Opinion”, is here to discuss the anti-White ideology being disseminated by the mainstream media.

Frontpage Mag
Still Delusional After All These Years

Obama, Hamas And The Venerable Doctrine Of Islam

By Bruce Thornton: Recently Barack Obama opined on Israel’s war with Hamas, and predictably reprised all the received wisdom that our politicians on both sides of the aisles have indulged since 9/11. One comment in particular evoked one of the more dangerous takes on the conflict with modern jihadism––that this venerable doctrine of Islam is some sort of heresy or extremism that doesn’t represent Muslims worldwide.

In the context of the current war with Hamas, according to ABC news, Obama said of Israel’s campaign, “‘There are people right now who are dying who have nothing to do with what Hamas did,’ Obama said, making the distinction between Palestinians who live in Gaza and the militant group Hamas, which the U.S. has designated a terrorist organization.”

We’ll pass over the mendacious euphemism “the militant group Hamas,” and the implication that the accurate description “terrorist organization” is merely a prejudiced slur by U.S. security agencies. More important is Obama’s variation on the cringing and dishonest phrase “nothing to do with what Islam,” an echo of the Western apologists after 9/11 who regularly chanted this lie.

the BaLaGaN connection
We’re Fighting A New War,
And This One Is Serious!!!

End Of The American Dream
Erdogan Claims That Israel Is “Threatening People With Atomic Bombs” As Hezbollah Ramps Up Their Attacks From The North

By Michael Snyder: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan is doing his best to inflame tensions in the Middle East. We all knew that he was a lunatic, but the inflammatory rhetoric that is coming out of him now is the sort of thing that we would expect to hear from leaders of Hamas or Hezbollah. During a “fiery speech” on Wednesday, Erdogan accused Israel of being a “terror state”, and he boldly declared that Israel’s leaders must be held accountable as war criminals in international courts…

Lisa Haven
Terrifying Secret About Bill Gates Just Leaked Out and It’s Not What You Think!

Geller Report
Jihad-Rep Rashida Tlaib Member of Secret Facebook Group Where Hamas Atrocities Are Celebrated

By Pamela Geller: Grounds for expulsion.

The Watchman Newscast With Erick Stakelbeck
Israel Raids Hamas Hospital In Gaza; Canada PM Trudeau Blasts Israel

Synopsis: On this episode of Israel Under Fire, host Erick Stakelbeck is joined by David Daoud of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies to break down Hamas’s use of Gaza hospitals as command and control centers and why Israel must withstand false accusations about its operations at places like Al-Shifa hospital. Plus, In the wake of outrageous, anti-Israel statements by world leaders like Canada’s Justin Trudeau and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Israel’s former Ambassador to the U.S., Danny Ayalon, joins Erick to set the record straight. Watch now!

The Common Sense Show
Based On FBI Director Wray’s Terror Warning, What Is Likely To Happen

Dr. Steve Turley
You’re Fired!
Trump Getting Rid Of Ronna McDaniel