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Perilous Times Are Here! November 18, 2023

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News Roundup & Comment

Synopsis: Below are some of the highlights from Jim’s look at news events from our nation and around the world. Stories included:

Israeli Defense Forces found an operational terror tunnel shaft on the grounds of the Shifa Hospital.

Rockets were found inside a bed in a child’s bedroom inside the house of a Hamas terrorist during operational activity carried out by Israeli troops.

Police have arrested a pro-Palestinian college professor in California in the death of a 69 year old Jewish man.

George Soros is allegedly funding groups behind the DNC riot where protesters assaulted police officers.

Michigan Democrat Representative Rashida Talib is part of a secret social media group in which its members glamorized Hamas in its battle with Israel.

The BBC continues to be a station for Hamas propaganda dissemination.

Newly confirmed chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Charles Q. Brown Jr., is pressuring Israel to give up on the idea of eliminating Hamas, claiming a prolonged war risks turning more of the Palestinian population into terrorists.

After his summit meeting with Xi Jinping of China, President Joe Biden called Xi a “dictator,” with China responding by saying they vow to take over Taiwan.

The Chinese consulate allegedly paid demonstrators to welcome China’s Xi Jinping to San Francisco.

House Chairman Mike Gallagher criticized American business executives for paying thousands of dollars to have dinner with communist Chinese party officials involved in human rights abuses.

China’s state controlled media is mocking how San Francisco’s drug, filth and homeless problems miraculously disappeared overnight ahead of the summit featuring visiting Xi Jinping and President Biden.

China is setting out to mass produce human-like robots in two years.

In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a memo to city employees instructed them to be inclusive, practice equity and refrain from using religious decorations solely associated with Christmas. This means Christmas decorations couldn’t be red or green, could have “snow-people” or incorporate the colors of blue, green and purple from the Aurora Borealis. Basically, anything traditional to Christmas would not be allowed. Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter and the city has backed down.

City officials in Bethlehem are tearing down Christmas decorations in solidarity with Palestinians amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

96 year old Rosalynn Carter has been placed into hospice.

Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
Computer-Generated AI ‘Jesus’ On TikTok Part Of End Times Deception Encouraging Viewers To Say ‘I Believe’ And Promises ‘Good News Soon’ If You Do. Don’t.

The TikTok profile Daily Believer has 70 videos with a computer-generated AI Jesus looking directly at the viewer, beseeching them to stop scrolling and watch the next minute’s worth of content.

Everywhere you look, you see lost people preparing themselves to receive Antichrist, and this is perhaps no more evident anywhere in the world than it is on the Communist Chinese social media propaganda platform knowns as TikTok. The last 100 years could aptly be called the ‘technology century’, but when you throw AI into the mix, progress quickly becomes revolution. A TikTok channel called Daily Believer wants you to ‘believe’ in the AI Jesus, and ‘receive his message’. Don’t.

“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” 2 Corinthians 2:11 (KJV)

You can ‘welcome Jesus into your home’, light candles, pray to the saints, recite positive affirmations and even post scripture, but none of this prevents you from going to Hell when you die if you haven’t believed the gospel of the kingdom of God that Paul preached. Roman Catholics put bumper stickers on their cars with an image of the eucharist monstrance and the words ‘I Believe’ referring to the monstrance. You won’t find that anywhere in your Bible, any Bible, in either Testament. What this lost world wants is goodness without the God of the Bible, and salvation without scripture. AI Jesus may have millions of views, but you’ll never hear even one verse of scripture. That’s the Devil.

Heydon Music News
Latest Videos & Breaking News 11.17.23

Synopsis: “Language Warning”

Harbingers Daily
Do Christians And Muslims
Worship The Same God?

By Decision Magazine: A statement made by a professor at a leading evangelical college [in 2016 became] a flashpoint in a controversy that really matters. In explaining why she intended to wear a traditional Muslim hijab over the holiday season in order to symbolize solidarity with her Muslim neighbors, the professor asserted that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

Is this true?

The answer to that question depends upon a distinctly Christian and clearly biblical answer to yet another question: Can anyone truly worship the Father while rejecting the Son?

The Christian’s answer to that question must follow the example of Christ. Jesus Himself settled the question when He responded to Jewish leaders who confronted Him after He had said “I am the light of the world.” When they denied Him, Jesus said, “If you knew me, you would know my Father also” (John 8:19). Later in that same chapter, Jesus used some of the strongest language of His earthly ministry in stating clearly that to deny Him is to deny the Father.

Biden War Crimes And The Censorship Industrial Complex

Host Derek Gilbert: Two big stories this week: Joe Biden is accused of war crimes for supporting Israel by State Department employees, and the scope of government efforts to control the narrative on social media is even bigger than we thought.

5) 300,000 rally for Israel in DC;

4) Ukraine admits that the war with Russia is all but over;

3) U.S. government worked through cutouts to censor unapproved opinions on social media;

2) Volcanic eruption in Iceland appears imminent;

1) Physics professor in Kansas contracts with company to launch his remains to Moon’s southern pole—even if it means aliens someday use his DNA to create clone army.

Prophecy News Watch
First Hamas, Now Osama Bin Laden Going Viral With U.S. Youth

By PNW Staff: Perhaps it shouldn't shock us that those claiming support for Hamas on social media have found a new hero, Osama Bin Laden.

Over the past 24 hours, thousands of TikToks have been posted where people share how they just read Bin Laden's infamous "Letter to America," in which he explained why he attacked the United States.

The TikToks are from people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Many of them say that reading the letter has opened their eyes, and they'll never see geopolitical matters the same way again.

Many of them say it has made them reevaluate their perspective on how what is often labeled as terrorism can be a legitimate form of resistance to a hostile power. In other words, terrorists are the victims which is the same narrative being pushed on many US college campuses.

This is not limited to TikTok; similar videos have been posted on other social media platforms.

Stew Peters Network
America: Where Citizens Starve
And Illegals Thrive!

Synopsis: It turns out they’re not sending us “the best and brightest” and the government is doing far worse things than you can imagine. Federal whistleblower Carlos Arellano joins me to expose the border crisis.
Globalist Death Cult’s ‘Trans’-Human Digital Agenda Demands Your Submission, Or Else…

By Leo Hohmann: It’s rare, but every now and then you come across someone who seems to fully understand the anti-human nature of the globalist agenda being pushed on society today by the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, et al.

It’s an agenda which I believe is a form of global techno-fascism. Imagine the Nazi Third Reich with the power of today’s artificial intelligence run by super-computers. If that same ideology were alive today, and I believe it is, what you would ultimately end up with is a rising Fourth Reich positioning itself for total domination of all tribes and tongues. We’ve seen the antisemitism that is inherent in this system in recent weeks. We’ve seen it on college campuses, where the whole “trans” movement has been fueled. We’ve seen the ugly chants being spouted on our city streets. We see it in the world’s fastest-growing religion, Islam. All of these various factions share one thing in common, they demand our submission.

Hagmann Report
Fighting to Win Against the Leftist Globalist Evil Agenda

Frontpage Mag
Either Get Rid Of TikTok
Or Just Surrender To China

“TikTok is undoing all of that. It’s crazy to watch in real time.”

By Daniel Greenfield: In its latest social experiment, Communist China decided to test an algorithm to see if it could get social media influencers and idiot kids under its control on TikTok to come out for Osama bin Laden.

Worked pretty well.

Now that the test is over, TikTok announced that the Osama trend has been shut down. But it was successful.
TikTok’s hot new social-media influencer is . . . Osama bin Laden. Yes, the terrorist who plotted 9/11 went viral this week, and not in a good way. Users have been posting videos to the Chinese-owned app, urging their followers to read bin Laden’s 2002 “letter to America,” while suggesting he was on to something. “I will never look at this country the same,” one user said.
Giving Hollywood and public school teachers control of our kids was a bad idea. Giving Chinese Communist algorithms control over our kids is a much worse idea.

The Ben Armstrong Show
U.S. Business Leaders Betray America And Give China’s Xi Jinping A Standing Ovation

Synopsis: China Is preparing for war and our business leaders give a standing ovation to Xi. Money has blinded them from their own destruction.