Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Perilous Times Are Here! November 21, 2023

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Latest Videos & Breaking News 11.20.23

Synopsis: “Language Warning”

Harbingers Daily
Orchestrated By Satan: Deceptive Slogans In The Propaganda War Against Israel

By David Reagan: The pro-Palestinian demonstrations that have broken out across our nation are full of signs containing slogans that are either blatantly untrue or completely misleading. Consider the following:

1) “Set Palestine Free From the River to the Sea.” Based on the interviews of people chanting this slogan, it appears that many have no idea what it means. In the first place, Americans who have always been geographically challenged, have expressed no knowledge of what river or sea they are talking about!

And when they are told that the chant refers to the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, they still don’t get the point that it is talking about the annihilation of the state of Israel. It’s just a nice sounding chant that rhymes.

For those who do understand the meaning of the slogan, it is an expression of appalling Anti-Semitism.

2) “End Apartheid in Israel!” This is a slogan that garners massive support, but the slogan expresses a total lie. There is no Apartheid in Israel. None! Zilch! Nada! ...

Deep State Now Blames Ukraine
For Nord Stream Bombing

Host Derek Gilbert: The Washington Post named a colonel in the Ukrainian military as the man behind the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipelines between Russian and Germany last September. This is a major shift in the narrative and suggests that the West’s support for Ukraine is done.

5) Major shift in narrative on Russo-Ukraine war;

4) Pro-China parties in Taiwan join forces ahead of January election;

3) Western media shifts from sympathy for Israel to pro-Hamas conspiracy theories;

2) British Medical Journal reveals two regulators with FDA who helped approve Moderna vaccine now working for company;

1) Mounties called to rescue man in ravine, discover it’s a sad goat.

Prophecy News Watch
Target Pushes Ahead With Woke Holiday Merch Despite Financial Losses

By Sarah Holliday/Washington Stand: Target's second quarter earnings report proved the company still hasn't rebounded from its Pride fallout this summer, showing a 5.4% decrease in sales -- the first drop in roughly six years. The company's third quarter report was no better, revealing an additional 4.9% drop.

Thanks to Target's partnership with a satanist designer and its highly controversial Pride line -- which pushed transgender extremism on an audience largely of children -- the backlash continues to hurt the stores' bottom line.

Brian Cornell, Target's CEO, reflected on the reports and admitted sales "have clearly been tougher than we expected this year, and we are firmly focused on getting back to growth." While Cornell confessed the company has struggled, one would expect the mega-retailer to learn from its mistakes, readjust to what their clientele wants, and get back to selling products, not politics.

Stew Peters Network
WRONGTHINK: Free Speech Is Dead
And “Conservatives” Killed It

Synopsis: Kathy Hochul and Nikki Haley have basically the same stance on free speech. And yet one is a liberal, and the other one is “conservative.” It’s thanks to fake conservatives like Nikki that we’ve ceded power over our lives to the uniparty.

Frontpage Mag
Goodbye Candace

A Statement By
The David Horowitz Freedom Center

By FPM Editors: Six years ago, the David Horowitz Freedom Center invited the then little-known Candace Owens to its annual Restoration Weekend gathering of conservative movers and shakers.

“This really is the conference where everything started for me,” Candace later said. “I started my career, my political career on YouTube making just funny, satirical videos, and I got an email from David Horowitz inviting me to this conference, and let me just tell you what a big deal it was for me. I had no connections whatsoever.”

At this conference she met Charlie Kirk, and connected with his nationwide student organization Turning Point USA, and became a national figure.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center went on promoting Candace, honored her with an Annie Taylor Award for Courage in 2018, and hosted her at multiple events.

That’s why we are so disappointed in what she has become.

Behold Israel With Amir Tsarfati
Why is Israel Under Attack?

Synopsis: The enemies of God and those who hate Him have been rising up against Israel since the dawn of history. But why? The answer may be found in Psalm 83 - they want to cut off the name of Israel so it will be remembered no more!

Geller Report
SPAIN: Hundreds Of Thousands Take To The Streets To Protest Islamization And Socialism: “Spain Is Christian, Not Muslim!”

By Pamela Geller: More news the sharia-media forbids and censors – the battle of civilizations. Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards and Christians have taken to the streets in an anti-socialist, anti-islamization rally. Spaniards want their country back from far-left socialist tyranny and the migrant invasion.

The Ben Armstrong Show
Babies Are Dying Everywhere Thanks To The Vaccine
Synopsis: If you want the world to be depopulated, this news will make you happy. For everybody else that has a soul, you will be very upset with what the evil globalists have done.

End Of The American Dream
Are You Prepared For The Cataclysmic Earth Changes That Are On The Way?

By Michael Snyder: An absolutely massive volcanic eruption in Russia has created a cloud of dust and ash that is a thousand miles long. Yeah, that is “normal”. In recent days we have also seen a spectacular eruption of lava at Mt. Etna in Italy, volcanic activity has caused a brand new island to emerge off the coast of Japan, and thousands of people have been forced to evacuate in Iceland as volcanic magma races to the surface near the town of Grindavik. If you understand the period of world history that we are living in, then you already know that what we are experiencing now is just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population is completely and utterly unprepared for the apocalyptic “Earth changes” that are rapidly approaching.

Personally, I was stunned when I heard about what was taking place in Russia.

I knew that there had been an eruption, but I didn’t know that it had actually created a cloud of dust and ash that is 1,000 miles long…