Sunday, November 26, 2023

Perilous Times Are Here! Weekend Edition

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Now The End Begins
Prophecy News Podcast – Aired 11.23.23
 With Host Geoffrey Grider | NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
U.S. Army Sends Out ‘We Want You Back’ Letters To Soldiers Discharged For Refusing The Government COVID Injection In 2020

The U.S. Army found out the hard way that going woke, along with forced injections of mystery fluid, is a great way to destroy the morale of your fighting forces across the board

The U.S. Army wants to re-enlist soldiers who were discharged for refusing COVID-19 vaccines as the service grapples with increasing recruitment challenges. According to a report by Task & Purpose, around 1,900 anti-vaccine soldiers were sent letters with instructions on how to rejoin the force. Since the vaccine mandate was lifted in January 2023, only 43 out of 8,000 discharged soldiers have returned to service. In the army, only 19 soldiers have rejoined. Well, how about that? I guess going woke isn’t building the ‘greatest fighting force on earth’ now, is it? It surely ain’t.

“Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”
2 Timothy 2:3 (KJV)

On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, back in the ‘dark days’ of 2021, the Pentagon decided to forcibly inject its military with the untested and unproven COVID-19 mRNA gene editing shot, and the results were decidedly not spectacular. Not only did the shot not stop soldiers from getting sick, and not stop sick soldiers from spreading it, it also caused many thousands of soldiers who rightly refused it to be discharged altogether. As it turned out, when people saw that military service came with forced injections, recruitment numbers went into the basement. In fact, the Army missed its goal by a whopping 25%. So what’s the plan? Beg the soldiers they discharged to come back, give them a huge bonus for reenlisting, and hope it sparks new recruits to sign up. If it were me, I would not come back without a written apology from the Pentagon, admitting guilting and taking the blame for their horrendous actions. Today we look at how a ‘woke’ military is the kiss-of-death for any nation who expects to win their next war. All this with breaking news headlines of what’s happening right now around the globe!

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Latest Videos & Breaking News 11.24.23

Harbingers Daily
Israel-Hamas Truce: The Long Line Of Treaties Paving The Way For A False ‘Savior Of Peace’

By Mark Hitchcock: This week, Israel’s cabinet approved a peace deal brokered by Qatar, Egypt, and the United States. The agreement is for the release of hostages that were seized by Hamas on October 7 in exchange for a pause in the fighting in Gaza.

What does this truce between Israel and Hamas mean for the current war in Israel and for the future?

The agreement will result in the release of about 50 Israeli hostages, consisting of women and children, in exchange for a four-day truce in Israel’s air and ground campaign. There’s a potential for an extension, with ten hostages released each extra day.

Now, think about that for a moment. That’s going to put Israel’s leaders to the test. After four days for 50 hostages, they are then going to have to decide whether they want to give another day. Each day that goes by is going to allow Hamas time to reform, regroup, and resupply. You’re going to have an outcry in Israel.

Stew Peters Network
WRONGTHINK: Free Speech Is Dead And “Conservatives” Killed It

Synopsis: Normally, “conservatives” are against cancel culture, that is … unless they’re using it in their favor. More specifically, unless the uniparty can use it to perpetuate their fake war narrative with Israel and Hamas.

Frontpage Mag
Dear Useful Idiots: Hamas Nazis
And Other Jihadists Are Using You
And Coming For You

By Christine Williams: The impact of the terror attacks in Israel on October 7 has been so severe that there are now “before October 7” and “after October 7” eras. The world is not the same. The issue of jihad war, and the evidence of 1,400 years of expansionary jihad violence, is in focus. What Hamas did on October 7 may be new to the West, but it has many historic antecedents. It is part of what jihad is. In the recent past, we saw it with the Islamic State; even now, Christians in Africa are experiencing a genocide at the hands of brutal jihadists. But now jihad has, once again, struck Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

And please, we need to stop the nonsensical view, advanced by many, about the West caring about Israel only because it’s made up of “white people.” If you go to Israel, you will see Mizrahi Jews, Ethiopian Jews, B’nei Menashe (Indian) Jews, Kaifeng Jews (Chinese), and among them all, multitudes of Arabs living their daily lives in Israel in peace. I have personally had Arab cab drivers tell me that they hate the Palestinian Authority and love living in Israel, where they can work and are treated better by the Israeli government. Israel is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and its varied citizens live together in peace, except, of course, for the Palestinian “resistance.” The lies about Israel being an “apartheid state” are grossly off-base, and anyone peddling them doesn’t deserve to be trusted as a source of information.

The Ben Armstrong Show
Vanity Fair Exposes Fauci Over Covid-19 Origins

Synopsis: Why is liberal Vanity Fair exposing Dr. Fauci? Are the globalists signaling that another bio-weapon will be released soon?

Natural News
Police Officers Now Have Access To Trillions Of U.S. Phone Records, Thanks To Secret White House Surveillance Program

By Ethan Huff: For at least the past 10 years, the federal government has been running a secret spying and surveillance program that allows law enforcement across the country to access domestic phone records at will. The program, known as Data Analytical Services (DAS), has for more than a decade allowed federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to mine details about the calls Americans make, including analyzing the specific phone records of people who are not suspected of any crime, including victims.

We learned about this secret spying program from a letter that was recently sent by U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) to the Department of Justice (DOJ) challenging its legality. DAS is especially concerning because it utilizes a technique called chain analysis that targets not just people who directly call a criminal suspect but also others with whom these same people may have been in contact.

Formerly known as Hemisphere, DAS operates in coordination with telecommunications giant AT&T, which captures and analyzes U.S. call records on behalf of the nation's law enforcement agencies, according to a White House memo.

The White House has reportedly contributed more than $6 million to the program, which in essence allows the government to target the records of all calls that use AT&T's infrastructure, described by WIRED as "a maze of routers and switches that crisscross the United States."

Behold Israel With Amir Tsarfati
Why is Israel Under Attack?

Synopsis: The enemies of God and those who hate Him have been rising up against Israel since the dawn of history. But why? The answer may be found in Psalm 83 - they want to cut off the name of Israel so it will be remembered no more!

Geller Report
Genocidal Jew-Haters Destroy
New York Public Library (Built in 1897)

By Pamela Geller: The malformed miserables ruin everything, every good thing. It’s what they do. They destroy everything that’s good about America. The left is waging war on our traditions and mores, destroying our wonderful history and heritage much the way Mao waged terror and cultural annihilation across China in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution – destroying ideas, culture, customs which often took the form of destroying historical artifacts, ransacking cultural and religious sites, and targeting other citizens.

The Watchman Newscast With Erick Stakelbeck
Israel’s Hamas War Sets Stage For Ezekiel’s War Of Gog & Magog And Psalm 83?

Synopsis: On this special episode of The Watchman show, Rabbi Jason Sobel joins host Erick Stakelbeck to break down the prophetic significance of the Israel/Hamas war and whether Hamas is mentioned in the Bible. Plus, they look ahead at two future prophetic wars that could be fast approaching, as laid out in Psalm 83 and the Book of Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and 39–also known as the War of Gog and Magog. Amid wars and rumors of war in the Middle East, is God about to act on Israel’s behalf? Watch now!