Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The Days of Noah

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Pastor Michael Hoggard – Video Watchman Broadcast

Synopsis: Let's look at the Days of Noah in Genesis and other places in the Bible to try to understand the timing of the translation of God's people. Dispensational teaching-that the gospel of salvation is different depending on which dispensation you are living in is not true. The resulting charts and timelines that people adhere more to than the Bible itself has left a lot of well-meaning Christians confused. With solo scriptura, Pastor Mike walks us through some of the errors and myths these teachings have wrought upon the Church. This is a deep study, so take notes. The great danger that dispensational teaching brings is that people will have a 2nd chance if they miss the Rapture. Though Noah preached of the coming cataclysm for 120 years, when God closed the door of the arc, no one save the eight were saved. God's mercy is great but Jesus told us not to be deceived. What if Satan produced a 'fake rapture' do you discern the truth: with the Bible and the Holy Spirit. It's good to know what you believe and why you believe it.

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