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Perilous Times Are Here! January 5, 2024

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Harbingers Daily
Six Signs That Something Is Amiss At Your Church

By Jonathan Brentner: On in June of 2023, an article appeared entitled “5 Signs Your Church Might Be Heading toward Progressive Christianity.”

Below are the main points from Crosswalk’s piece...

NGOs Helping Cartels Overrun U.S. Border

Host Derek Gilbert: Investigative journalists have found “guerrilla camps” and maps from groups ranging from the United Nations to the Red Cross that help migrants trafficked by cartels cross Mexico and enter the U.S. illegally.

5) More than 100 dead in terror attack in Iran;

4) Israel’s Supreme Court strikes down new law to rein in its power;

3) NGOs help migrants enter U.S. illegally;

2) U.S. federal deficit hits $34 trillion;

1) French government declares New Year’s Eve relatively peaceful because only 745 cars were set on fire.

Prophecy News Watch
Underreported Stories Of 2023

By Ben Johnson/The Washington Stand:

The Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto

On March 27, Audrey Elizabeth Hale entered Nashville's Covenant School and murdered six innocent people: three nine-year-old children and three adults. Although school shootings have become distressingly commonplace, elements of this atrocity set it apart from other mass shootings: Hale identified as a transgender male named "Aiden," and her target was a Christian school.

"One day, this will make more sense," Hale texted her former middle school basketball teammate, Averianna Patton, on the morning of the shooting. "I've left plenty of evidence behind."

Stew Peters Network
United Nations Weakens American Sovereignty:
New Bill Would SEVER Ties With Globalists

Synopsis: Dr. Rima Laibow joins Stew to talk about the globalists at the United Nations and what can be done to get the United States out of the satanic organization.

Geller Report
Biological Boy Steals First-Ever Girls’ Division I College Scholarship

By Pamela Geller: Damn every woman’s organization standing by and supporting this anti-female rout. They are not just utterly useless, they are worse, they’re working against women.

The Ben Armstrong Show
Florida Surgeon General: Halt mRNA Vaccines Because of DNA Contamination

Synopsis: Major vaccine news about conservatives fighting back against the vaccine crimes that were committed.

End Of The American Dream
Artificial Intelligence Is Allowing Them To Construct A Global Surveillance Prison From Which No Escape Is Possible

By Michael Snyder: Every inch of our planet is being watched, and incredibly sophisticated “artificial intelligence solutions” make it possible for those that are watching our planet to find whatever they want in just minutes. You can try to run, and you can try to hide, but if they really want to find you it won’t be very difficult. All around us, a global surveillance prison is being constructed. Even if you completely stay off the Internet and you totally avoid all forms of modern technology, cameras and satellites will still be endlessly watching you. And once your face has been identified, artificial intelligence can be used to locate you wherever you pop up on the entire planet.

Corey Jaskolski is the CEO of an artificial intelligence company known as Synthetaic, and the system that his company has developed is extremely impressive.

According to NPR, it “really can find anything you want anywhere in the world”…

The David Knight Show
Dollar Not Going To Zero,
It’s Going Digital

Synopsis: Tony Arterburn of Wise Wolf Gold joins David Knight to talk about the price of gold and where it’s going as well as the fall of the American dollar. Will it completely collapse? Or is it going digital?

The Economic Collapse
America’s Empire Of Money Has Reached The Endgame

By Michael Snyder: We did it Joe! It took a tremendous push down the stretch, but the U.S. national debt was able to hit the 34 trillion dollar mark before the end of 2023. At this moment I am just so overwhelmed that I don’t know who to thank first. Over the past few years, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chucky Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy and so many other hard working spenders have been instrumental in helping us reach this remarkable achievement. And we never would have gotten here without the relentless help of CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, the New York Times, the Washington Post and all of the other mainstream news outlets that kept assuring the American people that it was okay to steal trillions of dollars from our children and our grandchildren.

Of course I am being quite facetious. The truth is that what we are doing to future generations of Americans is beyond criminal. We are literally committing national suicide, but each election cycle most of the same big spending politicians just keep winning over and over again.

Those on the other side would argue that it has been absolutely necessary to borrow and spend so much money.

Joe Dan Gorman’s Intellectual Froglegs
RINO Season

Connect With Joe Dan Gorman
Joe Dan Gorman is the writer, host & producer of AWARD WINNING Intellectual Froglegs, the funniest conservative show anywhere. Unapologetic Christian. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. Began new career in 2011 - Intellectual Froglegs is like a one-man band... and Joe Dan is that one man. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.