Tuesday, January 2, 2024

U.S. Gov’t Making Weapons From Captured Tech???

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Synopsis: Numerous "whistleblowers" have spoken of black projects that were attempting to make military weapons from captured "alien (devil)" craft. the New York Times report mentioned AAWSAP (Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Application Program.) The mere name of the program is revealing. Crazy happenings at Skinwalker Ranch, Bigelow, Kelleher, wrote about experiences. What is the extent of Government involvement, is craft reverse engineering taking place? What is the Christian's arsenal? Does ET exist? Is it in the Bible? Can you take the Scriptures literally, and what changes if you do that? Under our US Constitution can there exist these clandestine operations? Whistleblower Grusch has stepped up. More abductees are coming forward, saying there's an alien hybridization program, a new religion called Ashtar, UFO Religion via. Abductees/experiencers had incidences from young age. Types of "Aliens". Disclosure could be imminent. The Bible is telling us what is coming!! )

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