Thursday, February 29, 2024

Hidden Alien Artifacts | Steve Quayle

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Synopsis: For the last 40 years Steve Quayle has been at the forefront of controversial subjects that make people uncomfortable. We call these subjects “things you’ll probably never hear about in church.” And that’s OK. It’s not Sunday morning material. Steve, along with Gary Stearman, were two of the first Bible scholars writing about the strange events that took place in Genesis. Genesis 6:4 describes a group of rebellious angels who left their heavenly home, married the women of Earth and produced a hybrid creation the Hebrew Scriptures call the Nephilim.

We’re the Prophecy Watchers. We have a long history of working to bring the truth of Bible prophecy to an audience of Christian believers who may not have local access to sound prophetic teaching, based upon the inspired writings of the Apostles and the traditional doctrine concerning the rapture of the church. Though we don’t believe in setting dates, it is clear that the rapture of the church is imminent, perhaps much nearer than we think.

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