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Perilous Times Are Here! February 21, 2024

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Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
Prince William Makes Startling Announcement About Gaza War Leading Royal Watchers To Suspect He’s Preparing To Be King

Israel has responded to Prince William’s statement over the Gaza conflict, saying the country also wants to see an end to the fighting. Is he preparing to be king?

King Charles III was shockingly diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago, with the Palace being typically tight-lipped about his prognosis, and not revealing many details. But if the recent announcements of Prince William are an indicator, a transition is being talked about if not already actively in the planning stage.

“Save, LORD: let the king hear us when we call.” Psalm 20:9 (KJV)

The announcement published by Prince William calls for an end to the war in Gaza, a release of the hostages and increased aid. It was a very royal, and kingly, statement to make for the prince who seems destined to higher office. Nothing that happens in politics, in any nation, is by accident or coincidence, and it sure looks like England is preparing themselves for a new king.

Harbingers Daily
Biden’s Anti-Faith Climate Has Made It Open Season On Christians—At Home And Abroad

By Tony Perkins: “It’s an emotional moment,” Pastor Robin Lutjohann said quietly, surveying the rubble of his church. “It’s been a place of worship for a number of communities for over a century,” he told reporters after a six-alarm fire raged through the building Easter Sunday, destroying the Massachusetts landmark. “It fills me with sadness and dread about the work that is ahead of us,” Lutjohann admitted, wondering why anyone would have such malice toward [their church]. “If and when a person is found who has done this then we will pray for the power to forgive,” he insisted.

Unfortunately, his congregation isn’t alone in that prayer. An astonishing 436 churches in America were victims of criminal attacks in 2023, according to a new report from Family Research Council — more than double the number in 2022. From shattering stained glass and spray-painting relics to lighting five-gallon drums of gasoline on fire and riddling altars with bullet holes, houses of worship have become an increasingly dangerous target.

“You just feel the hate,” Rev. Jerome Jones shook his head, still shocked at the sight of his trashed Maryland sanctuary. Bibles, ripped into shreds that “looked like snow” on the pews, slashed upholstery, the big wooden cross — where congregants lifted their hands during the offering — torn down and tossed on the $100,000 of damage. From now on, Jones had to tell worshippers, “the cross is in your hearts.”

[Their] Church is just a few miles from the Maryland State House, a fact that didn’t shield Jones from the violence that too many U.S. congregations are experiencing. If anything, experts say, our country’s deepening political divides may be what’s fanning the all-too-real flames. The growing anti-faith rhetoric of the Left, led by the Biden administration’s own bigotry toward Christians, has made it open season on houses of worship. After just 55 acts of hostility in 2020 under Donald Trump, the aggression has skyrocketed from 96 (2021) to 195 (2022) to a staggering 436 acts last year.

None of this happened in a vacuum. Under the Biden administration, there’s one common denominator between the growing religious persecution abroad and the rapidly increasing hostility toward churches here at home: our government’s policies.

Frontpage Mag
National Geographic Names A Drag Queen ‘Traveler Of The Year’

Can You Guess Who Owns National Geographic?

By Robert Spencer: n Old Joe Biden’s America, you can’t celebrate the great outdoors or do much of anything, really, unless you’re prepared to burn incense to the left’s gods. You may think that your activity has nothing whatsoever to do with the left’s nasty little obsessions over deviance, delusion, and perversity, but think again, peasant: you either play along or you don’t play at all.

That’s how things work in authoritarian regimes, and if you think Old Joe’s regime is not authoritarian and respects the parameters of a free society, you simply haven’t been paying attention. Now even the venerable guide to the great wide world, National Geographic, has fallen into line.

The venerable 136-year-old publication took a fabulous step into the Brave New World when it added a mustachioed drag queen named Wyn Wylie, who prances around in women’s clothes under the name “Pattie Gonia,” to its list of “Travelers of the Year.” This was not the first time National Geographic has paid obeisance to woke sensibilities: as Mark Tapson noted at FrontPage, back in 2017, it put a nine-year-old boy who claimed to be a girl on its cover, for a story celebrating what it called the “Gender Revolution.” Delusion would have been more apt but would have run the old magazine afoul of our new cultural masters.

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Latest Videos & Breaking News 02.21.24

Egypt Building Walled Camp for Gazan Refugees

Host Derek Gilbert: Egypt is constructing an eight-square-mile walled enclosure in the Sinai Desert to house up to 100,000 refugees fleeing the battle for the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

5) Egypt doesn’t want Gazan refugees;

4) Special prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden charges FBI confidential source with lying about the Bidens;

3) Researcher finds puberty blockers has negative effect on IQ;

2) Drive to Net-Zero pulling plug on the future;

1) Researchers discover simple solution recovers 97% of cobalt from used electronics: Urine and vinegar.

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Trump Backs Deep State In Michigan,
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