Sunday, February 4, 2024

Perilous Times Are Here! Weekend Edition

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Crosstalk America Christian Radio

News Roundup & Comment

Synopsis: Below are some of the highlights from Jim’s look at news events from our nation and around the world. Stories included:

Earlier this week, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri grilled Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook), at a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting. Jim provided audio from the exchange.

A bipartisan bill to slash taxes for businesses and enhance the child tax credit is a step closer to becoming law.

“Joshua Schulte betrayed his country by committing some of the most brazen, heinous crimes of espionage in American history.” That’s a statement from U.S. Attorney Damian Williams. Schulte, a former CIA officer, was sentenced to 40 years in prison on Thursday over a litany of charges.

Mat Staver will bring oral arguments Wednesday morning before the Florida Supreme Court regarding a proposed amendment to the Florida constitution that would codify unrestricted abortion as a right. Mat appeared via a pre-recorded segment with Jim where he outlined the issue.

Representative Ilhan Omar made concerning comments about her primary interest while serving in Congress. What is that interest? It’s to protect Somali interests. Jim presented audio from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene who commented on the issue from the House floor.

The Council on American/Islamic Relations (CAIR) has welcomed introduction of a congressional resolution. It’s Senate Resolution 534, recognizing January as Muslim/American Heritage Month, designed to celebrate the achievements of American Muslims.

The House of Representatives voted on banning all perpetrators of the October 7th Israeli massacre from having entry into the U.S. The House voted in favor of it, 422-2. The two individuals who voted in opposition were Democrats Cori Bush of Missouri and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Other stories dealt with Walgreens, black pastors calling for a cease-fire in Israel, global shipping in disarray, relocation of U.S. nuclear weapons to the U.K. and much more.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:20b)

Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
How The Main Stream Media Gaslights You About The ‘Dangers Of Conspiracy Theory’ While Running Interference For The Burgeoning New World Order

‘Don’s wild conspiracy theory stories had seemed innocent and even silly before, but in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic they suddenly seemed plausible.’ Uh-huh.

Today is Day 1,417 of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve, and the lies and deception coming at us from our governments, our media, and from people in trusted positions of authority is truly mind boggling and mind numbing at the same time. On our Podcast yesterday, I discussed with Dr. Robert Malone how dangerous this level of deception has become, and it grows worse by the day. Take, for example, this story from the Associated Press about conspiracy theory. Oh, don’t you dare believe your lying eyes, people, that’s the ticket. Keep ’em closed and stay 6ft apart. And wear a mask or two. Or three.

“And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off:
for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.”
Isaiah 59:14 (KJV)

The government told us over and over that the COVID vaccine, not a vaccine, was ‘safe and effective’, and neither one of those two things were true. The Pfizer and Moderna shots did not stop the virus, did not prevent transference, and the vaccinated in 2024 die at a higher rate than the unvaccinated. Now, I will agree that like with anything else, there is good conspiracy theory, meaning it’s true, and bad conspiracy theory meaning it is not true. For example, anything QAnon tells you is likely a lie, almost nothing they warned of actually happened. That’s bad conspiracy theory. But things that NTEB and others warned you about like the dangers of the shot, the plan for the coming digital ID, and the wickedness of the UN Agenda 2030, all of that is true and playing out as we watch. 15-Minute Cities? Check. Cricket flour? Check. Abraham Accords? Check. The Great Reset? Check. Event 201? Check. Taking away our meat? Check. Making us eat bugs? Check. Aliens and UFOs in the skies? Check, check and check again. Watch the video below, and listen as New World Order globalist David Rockefeller thanks the main stream media for conspiring to stay silent as they attended 40 years of One World Government Bilderberg meetings. Oh yeah, man, that’s how it goes. Feel free to ‘fact check’ anything we’ve said, AP, we welcome it.

Harbingers Daily
The Real Nature Of Satan Clubs—
To Indoctrinate Children Against A Biblical Worldview

By Ken Ham: As you can see in the screenshots below, The Satanic Temple is targeting kids by establishing after-school Satan clubs within multiple states, ranging from Illinois to California to Kansas to Tennessee. But what are these after-school Satan clubs?

Here is what The Satanic Temple claims:
The Satanic Temple is a non-theistic religion that views Satan as a literary figure who represents a metaphorical construct of rejecting tyranny and championing the human mind and spirit. After School Satan Club does not attempt to convert children to any religious ideology. Instead, The Satanic Temple supports children to think for themselves. All After School Satan Clubs are based on activities centered around the Seven Fundamental Tenets and emphasize a scientific, rationalist, non-superstitious worldview.
Yes, they are a “religion” as they state. But “non-theistic” means anti-theistic.

It’s important to note there is no neutral position. One is either for or against Christ. One builds their house (worldview) on the rock or sand. For instance, when someone claims there are no absolutes, that is their one absolute. A “rationalist” worldview is an anti-supernatural one, which means an anti-God worldview—an anti-Christian worldview.

The claim that they support “children to think for themselves” is ludicrous. Their whole motivation is to indoctrinate children into an anti-God religion—the religion of naturalism. It’s the religion of man worshipping man. It’s the religion of teaching them that man is his or her own god (Romans 1). They are imposing their particular worldview on children.

Parents need to understand the real nature of these Satan clubs—to indoctrinate children against the Christian worldview. They are anti-God religious clubs.

Heydon Music News
Latest Videos & Breaking News 02.03.24

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

Host Derek Gilbert: At least six KC-135 tankers have been deployed overseas, possibly to assist in strikes against Iran-backed groups responsible for the deadly attack on a U.S. outpost in Jordan last weekend.

5) Questions remain on where and how the U.S. will respond to last weekend’s attack on U.S. base in Jordan;

4) Charity group reports having to pay $5,000 per truck to get aid into Gaza;

3) Politics more apparently more important than securing U.S. southern border;

2) European farmers rise up against Green New Deal regulations;

1) No one will be charged for explicit porn video shot inside Senate office building.

Stew Peters Network
The West Has A Degeneracy Problem
And Kids Are The Biggest Victims!

Synopsis: The pedo satanists that destroyed morality in the West did it because they hate humanity, particularly children. From forcing child sex changes, to allowing drug addicts to harm children, it would be hard to argue that there is no intention to harm society’s most vulnerable: our children.