Sunday, March 3, 2024

🕇 On the Last Times, the Antichrist, and the End of the World

 The NTEB House Church Sunday Service — Aired 02.25.24
 With Host Geoffrey Grider | NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
Most Christians conflate the Rapture of the Church, Armageddon, the Second Advent, and the end of the world as if they all happen close together which they clearly do not.

I want to talk with you awhile today about a message that was preached back in the 4th century AD by a man named Ephraem the Syrian of Nisibis. I have never read his full sermon, only the title, which I have taken for my message today, and the following quote from it:

“For all the saints and Elect of God are gathered, prior to the tribulation that is to come, and are taken to the Lord lest they see the confusion that is to overwhelm the world because of our sins.” – Ephraem the Syrian

Why is this important? It’s important because we live in a day and age where the Bible doctrine of the Pretribulation Rapture of the Church is unknown to many Christians, disbelieved and disparaged in the churches, and endlessly fought over on social media. Yet Paul tells us that we are to comfort one another with this crucial teaching of the Lord coming back to get us as He has promised to do. What is the reason for this ignorance? Paul tells us in multiple places that in the last days there will be something called ‘the falling away’, and it is a falling away from preaching and teaching Bible doctrine rightly divided. Today I bring you a message that will reignite your spiritual ‘pilot light’ and get you back on fire for Jesus Christ in these last times as the world prepares itself to receive Antichrist.

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