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Perilous Times Are Here! March 29, 2024

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Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
Fleet Of Russian Naval Warships Enter Bab al-Mandab Strait Into The Red Sea Amid Terror Attacks By Houthi Rebels On Merchant Shipping Lanes

Several Russian warships have passed the Bab al-Mandab Strait into the Red Sea, the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet said on Thursday, amid attacks by Yemen’s Houthis on merchant shipping.

Nationwide disruptions in cell phone service, cargo ships destroying bridges at major shipping ports, and the Russian navy taunting NATO as they make a big show of sending their warship into the Red Sea, just another day in Barack Obama’s ‘Leave The World Behind’. If the predictive program pattern holds, the next big thing we will see is a plane dropping out of the sky. Man, I hope I’m wrong about that one, but don’t think so with the speed in which things are turning.

“Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation,
and kingdom against kingdom:” Luke 21:10 (KJV)

NATO is very proud of itself, adding Sweden in an obvious taut at Putin and Russia, but are they prepared when the poked Bear pokes back? That’s a pretty good question. Putin is content to continue taking his time, watching as the billions of dollars in aid and military equipment hasn’t really done much of anything at all to stop him. Putin is all-in and set for the long haul, can the same be said for the West who seem to be on the edge of a nervous breakdown every time they are quoted in the news? I see Russia in the Bible, I do not see the United States, you should think about that.

Harbingers Daily
For Israel To Be Safe, The Cancerous Tumor Of Hamas Has To Be Removed

By Amir Tsarfati: This has been a very disappointing week as Israel has watched the United States separating itself from us. Through ultimatums, threats to withhold arms, vote abstentions, and condescending rhetoric, the Biden administration has made it clear that it believes that “peace at all costs” between Israel and Hamas is necessary for a November reelection.

This is in spite of a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris survey that showed Americans overwhelmingly back Israel. Nearly four out of five questioned expressed support for Israel over Hamas. More than two out of every three believe that Israel is seeking to do all it can to minimize casualties. Of course, you wouldn’t know that if you follow the news or pay attention to the words of the party in power in Washington. If those are your sources of information, you’d think there was a pro-Palestinian protest on every street corner populated by concerned citizens heartbroken over the genocide the evil Jews were perpetrating on the helpless Gazans. There is no mention of massacres or torture or systematic rapes or women and children being held hostage.

This is all part of the drift that I warned you about months ago back in the halcyon days when everyone supported Israel avenging October 7. “Go get them,” they said. “They must pay, and you must make yourself safe!” So, Israel did. But now that these people see what Israel has to do to make itself safe, they are all screaming, “Wait! We thought you’d just go in and arrest a few leaders. Maybe bomb a few buildings. You know, like you used to do in the good old days.”

Geller Report
Islamic State Calls For Ramadan Slaughter Of Christians And Jews In U.S., Europe And Israel

By Pamela Geller: Allah exceptionally rewards martyrdom during the holy month. Ramadan is the “the month of conquest and jihad.” Muslim religious leaders have long exhorted devout (active) Muslims to use the holy month of Ramadan as a sacred opportunity to attack non-Muslim infidels in “the United States and Europe.” Ramadan is “the month of conquest and jihad,” and encourages Muslims to “be ready” to attack the infidels in their own lands.

“The month of Ramadan is a month of holy war and death for Allah. It is a month for fighting the enemies of Allah and God’s messenger, the Jews and their American facilitators.” — Qaedat al-Jihad

The greatest battles during the lifetime of the Prophet (pbuh) occurred in this blessed month, the month of jihad, zeal and enthusiasm.” (source)

Meanwhile in the UK…. civilizational suicide.

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Latest Videos & Breaking News 03.29.24

Russia Blames West
For Moscow Terror Attack
–Plus Four Other Must Know Stories

Host Derek Gilbert: A spokesperson for Russia’s Foreign Ministry doubled down on comments earlier in the week by President Vladimir Putin, blaming Ukraine and its Western allies—specifically the US and UK—for last Friday’s deadly terror attack in Moscow.

5) Russia blames U.S., UK for Moscow terror attack;

4) Major disruption to trade, traffic from Baltimore bridge collapse;

3) Biden vs. Bibi;

2) Democratic National Committee working to keep all challengers to Biden off ballots;

1) “Squatter hunter” using crazy “squatter’s rights” laws to recover homes being illegally occupied for owners.

The Common Sense Show - Dave Hodges
More FBI Tyranny And Another Warrantless Property Invasion