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Perilous Times Are Here! March 6, 2024

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Now The End Begins
Trump Sweeps While Biden Sleeps As Super Tuesday Reveals The Coming Rematch That Nobody Wants In Upcoming Presidential Election Insanity

Donald Trump has huge Super Tuesday wins this week as sleepy Joe Biden is giving the Democrats November nightmares, what will happen next?

Donald Trump easily won all contests on Super Tuesday except one, relegating Nikki Haley to footnote status as she prepares to drop out of a race she never had a shot of winning. Over on the American Samoa, Joe Biden lost to someone no one has ever heard of before, and will likely never hear from again. On paper, Donald Trump should easily defeat Joe Biden in November, too bad elections are not decided on paper like they used to be. Will we have Trump’s second term, Obama’s fourth term, or something no one expects to happen in 2025? That’s the question.

“Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” Psalm 55:22 (KJV)

The Democrats eager to prevent another Donald Trump victory in November, conspired together to bring 91 federal counts against him in 4 states, and in doing so elevated him to martyr status almost immediately. Not very bright. If they really wanted to stop him, they all should have conspired to never mention him, thereby cutting off the flow of millions of dollars in free advertising by keeping him in the headlines. There’s only 8 months until the November election, and there are so many things that will be popping up between now and then. Not the least of which are the solar eclipse of April 8th, and the ‘Civil War’ movie on April 12th. Lastly, Donald Trump had another huge win when the Supreme Court voted 9-0 in favor of preventing states from kicking him off the ballot. If Democrats find they have no other option to ‘stop Trump’, will they implement the final solution? That’s the memo.

Harbingers Daily
Being Made In God’s Image Provides The Only Sure Foundation For Human Rights

By Decision Magazine: Who and what is a human being? This is perhaps the most compelling moral and ethical question facing us today. How we answer this question will largely determine our view of such issues as abortion, infanticide, genetic engineering, cloning, the whole range of “human rights” issues.

If human beings are by mere happenstance at the top of the so-called evolutionary pyramid and therefore the most sophisticated mammal, then all those practices become far more acceptable since we would just be highly complicated animals.

On the other hand, if human beings are the special creation of God, imbued with His divine image, then there is a sacredness to us. We bear the spiritual and moral nature of our Creator. This means that there are many things that must never be perpetrated against any person.

Fortunately, God, in His watchcare over humanity, has left us in no doubt about His answer to the psalmist’s question long ago, “What is man, that thou art mindful of him?” (Psalm 8:4).

As the special creation of God, created male and female, there is an invincible divide between human beings and the rest of creation. It is an enormous difference in kind, not degree, between humans and the rest of all life forms.

Prophecy News Watch
Another Case Of A Teen Taken From Home Over Pronoun Usage

By John Stonestreet/ Several years ago, 16-year-old Yaeli Martinez was removed from her home by the state of California after her mother wouldn't affirm that she was a boy. Struggling with depression and mental illness, Yaeli was encouraged by the state to socially transition and receive testosterone.

Her mother was forbidden to talk about faith or her daughter's gender confusion when visiting her. Despite the state's "affirmation," Yaeli tragically ended her own life at age 19.

Lest we are tempted to think this kind of state overreach into families is limited to the Left Coast, a 14-year-old Montana girl was recently removed from her home on charges of neglect. When the parents defied the courts and publicly spoke out, they were charged with contempt. Though the state dropped the charge, the child has been relocated to her non-custodial parent in Canada.

And the other week, a story broke about a situation in Indiana, which is just now reaching the public's attention due to the child's age and because the parents are asking the United States Supreme Court to hold state officials accountable.2

Heydon Music News
Latest Videos & Breaking News 03.06.24

Angry White Liberal
Calls Women of Color Stupid

Host Derek Gilbert: Commentator Keith Olbermann responded to Monday’s 9–0 Supreme Court ruling striking down a move by Colorado to keep Donald Trump off the ballot by posting that the justices, including two women of color, are “inept at reading comprehension.”

5) Meta products, including Facebook and Instagram, crash on Super Tuesday;

4) Olbermann goes white patriarchal on SCOTUS;

3) American telescopic sights found on Hamas sniper rifles;

2) French conservatives upset at Olympics posters that remove French heritage;

1) Google’s AI says nuclear apocalypse is better than misgendering someone.

The Ben Armstrong Show
The Enemies To Watch Out For

Synopsis: The threat of nuclear war is extremely high. The globalists push for The Great Reset. Watch the video for more information.