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Perilous Times Are Here! April 25, 2024

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Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
Joe Biden Is Right Now Considering Declaring A ‘National Climate Emergency’ That Would Give Him Hitlerian Powers Over The American People

The Biden White House is considering declaring a ‘national climate emergency’ to block American energy development while appeasing its extremist environmentalist donor base.

Oh, how I wish this was coming to you today from The Babylon Bee, but sadly it is actual news that is actually happening in Washington right now. Pretend president Joe Biden is being told by third term president Barack Obama that he needs to declare a ‘national climate emergency’, and Biden is actively and seriously considering doing it. Should he declare a national climate emergency, Biden would be granted powers similar to the pandemic where the government suspended the Constitution for ‘the greater good’. Sounds more like the Greater Reich to me.

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” 2 Peter 3:10 (KJV)

With each passing day, if you are following events as they unfold, an orchestrated Joe Biden victory in November grows more and more likely, as prison time for Donald Trump gets closer and closer. I don’t know for sure that that will happen, but that’s currently how things are trending. As outrageous as it may seem for me to site here and tell you that the Democrats just might be planning a coup on the back of a ‘national climate emergency’, I ask you to remember the events that began 1,500 days ago today. We call it the pandemic, and it looks like they are getting ready to lock us down again for ‘the greater good’ of the Earth. We have been telling you for a few years now that the New World Order comes in on the back of Climate Change laws, mandates and regulations. If it happens, when it happens, you may consider that to be Day 1 of the new Civil War.

Harbingers Daily
Why Students Of God’s Word Aren’t Surprised By Russia, Iran, And Turkey’s Mutal Hatred Of Israel

By Robert Gottselig: This past week, The Times of Israel reported that Turkish President Recep Erdogan laid the blame squarely on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for Iran’s large-scale attack on Israel earlier this month.

“The main one responsible for the tension that gripped our hearts on the evening of April 13 is Netanyahu and his bloody administration,” Erdogan declared.

He further went on to say, “Those who have been silent for months about Israel’s aggressive attitude immediately condemned the Iranian response, but it’s Netanyahu himself who is the first who should be condemned.”

It is pretty sad that Erdogan won’t admit that Iran is the leading state sponsor of terror in the Middle East, and because of their hatred for Israel, they are hellbent on destroying the Jewish State.

Prophecy News Watch
Relentless Anti-Semitism Spreads Across College Campuses

By Sarah Holliday/Washington Stand: Imagine walking on your college campus, or the campus your son or daughter attends, and being met with mobs of angry, violent people shouting pro-terror chants. Imagine being threatened with murder and faced with vehement hatred simply for existing or being against terrorism. In a sense, you don't have to imagine it completely because these absurdities are exactly what's increasingly unfolding at universities.

Over the weekend, numerous videos surfaced of anti-Israel groups chanting obscenities. At Columbia University, for example, protestors were yelling, "Oh Al-Qassam Brigades, You Make Us Proud, Kill Another Soldier Now! Israel Will Fall! Palestine Is Arab!" and "We are all Hamas" as well as other cries encouraging the obliteration of Israel.

Some of the protestors even went as far as calling for the murder of the counter-protestors carrying American and Israeli flags. After some were arrested, including Rep. Ilhan Omar's (D-Minn.) daughter, the "campus chaos" continued.

Geller Report
All The Tents, Signs, Keffiyehs Are the Same:
America’s Worst Enemies Funding America’s Ruin

By Pamela Geller: The opaque empire is behind the Democrat Party and their dark money slash fund foundations who support and fund the Pro-Hamas
Mark Levin – Who's Funding the Palestinian Protests? The Pro-Hamas Palestinian protests funding is coming from America, China, Hamas, and Hezbollah. The opaque empire is behind the Democrat Party and their dark money slash fund foundations who support and fund the Pro-Hamas… — Andrea Shaffer, Employment/Labor Law (@Andreafreedom76) April 24, 2024
There’s something odd about those campus tent encampments. Almost all the tents are identical – same design, same size, same fresh-out-of-the-box appearance. Which suggests that rather than an organic process, whereby students would bring a variety of individual tents, someone or some organization has supplied them and organized the event. I think it would be instructive if we can determine who that someone is. As IF we don’t know it is most likely Nazi/Communist collaborator George Soros. Because rather than spontaneous demonstrations, these are choreographed events by hidden actors – and the students, sincere though they may be, are merely manipulated props. (comment – useful idiots)

End Of The American Dream
This Is Why Everyone Needs To Prepare For The Day When Devastating Cyberattacks Take U.S. Power Grids Down

By Michel Snyder: What would you do if the power grid where you live went down and there was no electricity for an extended period of time? You might want to think about that, because experts are warning that it is just a matter of time before cyberattacks successfully cripple our power grids. In fact, foreign hackers are working hard to infiltrate critical infrastructure as you read this article. As you will see below, we are extremely vulnerable, and the Russians and the Chinese have both developed highly advanced cyberwarfare capabilities. When the U.S. ends up fighting a war with Russia or China (or both simultaneously), devastating cyberattacks on our power grids will be conducted. When your community is suddenly plunged into darkness, what is your plan?

The United States and Canada are not covered by a single power grid.

Rather, there are multiple grids that collectively provide the electricity that all of us need. The following explanation comes from Wikipedia…

Heydon Music News
Latest Videos & Breaking News 04.25.24

Palestine in New York
–Plus Four Other Must Know Stories

Host Derek Gilbert: Pro-Hamas protests continue at Columbia University in New York, where Jewish professors and students have requested police protection and have been advised to stay away from campus for their own safety.

5) President Biden tries to have it both ways in comments on student protests at Columbia, Yale, and MIT;

4) U.S. ships deployed to build pier for Gaza experiencing serous mechanical failures;

3) Internet safety charity warns that 3–6 year olds are being groomed online;

2) Olympic torch ceremony kicks off with prayers to Zeus and Apollo;

1) Mayor of Los Angeles has home broken into Sunday morning.

The Common Sense Show - Dave Hodges
Concerned About Cancer Treatment?
This Is A ‘Must Listen’ Interview

Wretched Watchmen
Dr. Roboto: The Rise Of AI Physicians

The Watchtower Clip Synopsis (Not Affiliated With JW): With the aim to eliminate human labor, inject AI into every aspect of life, and allow monitoring of people down to a cellular level, it's no surprise that doctors are on the edge of being replaced... AI doctors are on the rise and ARPA-H is helping send us into a dystopian health care system...

This clip taken from the must-see Episode 193: The Watchtower 02/16/24

The David Knight Show
More Johnson Betrayal
— Migrant Slush Fund

Synopsis: Not a dime to protect the border, but $3.5 BILLION for migrants. What will it be used for? Is it classified?