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Perilous Times Are Here! April 29, 2024

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John Haller’s Prophecy Updates
With Olivier Melnick

Synopsis: Two of the great prophetic and world events analysts (John Haller and Oliver Melnick) team up this morning to bring you their latest read on the state of the world in light of prophecy.

Harbingers Daily
Debunking Popular Lies About
The Pre-Tribulation Rapture

By Jonathan Brentner: One of the most unpopular beliefs among Christians today is that of the pre-Tribulation Rapture. Many not only scoff at our expectation of meeting Jesus in the air, but also ridicule those of us who believe it could happen at any moment. The resulting silence in most pulpits today regarding our “blessed hope” has opened the door for a great many misconceptions about it to flourish. For many, social media and Internet searches have replaced sound biblical teaching regarding our “blessed hope.” Below are five popular lies about the Rapture.

1. Belief In The Rapture Began With John Darby

2. There’s No Mention Of It In Scripture

3. Belief In The Rapture Is Escapism

4. Those Who Believe In The Rapture Don’t Care About The Current World

5. Jesus Doesn’t Intervene In Our World Until The End Of The Age

Prophecy News Watch
One Month Until WHO Pandemic Agreement Usurps U.S. Sovereignty

By Ben Johnson/The Washington Stand: Americans stand just weeks away from handing over massive amounts of taxpayer funding, protective equipment intended for U.S. citizens, and an incalculable amount of influence over U.S. policy to the World Health Organization (WHO), critics warn.

The global governance body will resume meetings to revise the WHO Pandemic Agreement on Monday. The Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB), established to draw up the text of the agreement in December 2021, will hold its ninth meeting from April 29 to May 10. That provides just over two weeks before the 77th World Health Assembly meets from May 27 to June 1 in Geneva, Switzerland, to ratify the final document.

The most recently updated version of the "Proposal for the WHO Pandemic Agreement," amended on April 22, would redistribute wealth and protective equipment away from the U.S., establish a global governing board with little accountability to U.S. citizens and, critics say, water down U.S. sovereignty over how it responds to future pandemics.

The latest version of the agreement calls on nations to adopt "whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches" to pandemics, "including the private sector and civil society." Governments should carry out so-called education programs that will suppress competing narratives about the pandemic, as the U.S. government did during COVID-19.
FBI Director Christopher Wray Targeted Pro-Life Protests, But Not Monitoring Pro-Hamas Protests

By S.A. McCarthy : The director of the FBI is being accused of hypocrisy for allowing the targeting of concerned parents, Trump supporters, and American Catholics but not “monitoring” pro-Hamas rallies and protests on college campuses.

Director Christopher Wray was asked in an interview on Tuesday about “actively monitoring” the rallies erupting across college and university campuses, which have become the subject of controversy and condemnation from even senior government officials. Wray replied, “We don’t monitor protests.” He added, “But we do share intelligence about specific threats of violence.”

Social media users reacted, accusing Wray of hypocrisy. Conservative podcast host Graham Allen quoted Wray saying, “We don’t monitor protests,” and wrote:

They just monitor:



Donald Trump supporters

Parents who attend a PTA meeting
New Report: ‘Over 98 Percent’ Of World’s Central Banks Gearing Up For New System Of Programmable, Trackable ‘Digital Cash’ And 24 Nations Will Have ‘Live CBDCs’ By 2030

All this despite almost zero coverage in the mainstream corporate media to date, most of which still refers to a fully digitized monetary system as ‘conspiracy theory’

By Leo Hohmann: The era of cash money is nearing its end, and with it will come the end of privacy.

The World Economic Forum claims, in a new report, that 98 percent of the world’s central banks have agreed to implement the globalists’ long-awaited dream of a cashless society.

Most central banks, such as the U.S. Federal Reserve, are quasi-government institutions owned privately by billionaire bankers.

And the WEF is not the first to reveal the plans of the globalist elite, which have been preparing for years to eliminate paper fiat currencies. But this latest report indicates the grand plan is now very close to being realized, perhaps just awaiting a triggering event – a Black Swan event of some type – before making the switch to “digital cash.”

Geller Report
Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Accuses Jewish Students of Being ‘Pro-Genocide’

By Pamela Geller: So says the ISIS supporter. No one ever thought we would see this again, certainly not in America This is what Muslim immigration has brought to America. Ilhan Omar is a high profile example of this racist bigotry.

Accusing Israel of genocide is a monstrous blood libel. Israel has had fewer civilian casualties in proportion to Hamas terrorists than any country in modern history. Israel does not commit war crimes. Hamas commits war crimes. FACTS.

Not only should Ilhan Omar be thrown out of Congress. She should be thrown out of the country.

Heydon Music News
Latest Videos & Breaking News 04.29.24

Dr. Steve Turley
You Won’t Believe What
Big Pharma Is Doing!!

The Common Sense Show - Dave Hodges
Escaping The AI Great Deception
By The Deep State

Behold Israel
The Third Temple & Red Heifers?

Synopsis: Should Christians be looking for, supporting, and promoting the efforts to build the Third Temple and the sacrifice of Red Heifers?

Stew Peters Network
Millstone Report:
Hippies Worship Earth, Judge Orders Physical Castration Of Rapist

Synopsis: Earth Day is an excuse to worship the creature instead of the creator.