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Perilous Times Are Here! April 4, 2024

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Now The End Begins
Prophecy News Podcast – Aired 04.03.24
 With Host Geoffrey Grider | NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
The Biden Administration Funding Far Left Attack Groups Like NewsGuard To Censor And Silence Christian And Conservative News Outlets Like ‘Now The End Begins’

A bombshell lawsuit has accused the U.S. State Department of violating First Amendment rights by using taxpayer dollars to fund private censorship firms like NewsGuard that attack Christian sites like NTEB

I suppose we should be flattered on some level, Microsoft lists that NewsGuard reviews around 7,500 web sites for ‘accuracy in reporting’, and NTEB is one of those sites. Nice to know we have gotten the attention of the New World Order elites. But what is not so nice is having NewsGuard emailing us while doing a live Podcast on Bill Gates and the Pandemic Treaty, telling us they disapprove of what we do, and then having YouTube delete that Podcast and suspend our channel for the next 3 months for ‘medical misinformation’. But I’m sure that’s just a ‘crazy coincidence’ and I’m reading into it. Yeah, but not.

“Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time;
for it is an evil time.” Amos 5:13 (KJV)

One of NewsGuard’s recent emails said “During our most recent review, we came across a couple of articles I wanted to ask about, including a March 2023 article alleging that COVID-19 vaccines are causing widespread cardiac arrests, as well as a January 2023 article claiming COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent deaths or hospitalizations.” Ahh, that’s it, that’s the business. In case you were wondering, NewsGuard is talking about this article, and this article. NewsGuard, the ‘guard dog’ of Big Pharma, Bill Gates and the Biden administration, does not like us telling the truth about the COVID vaccine and its deadly consequences. Tough apples, NewsGuard, the COVID vaccine is not only not a vaccine, it does cause heart attacks and death, and the majority of people hospitalized with COVID are the vaccinated. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Over the years, Now The End Begins has been placed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of anti-government groups, we’re not, listed with the US Cyber Command as an ‘extremist organization’, we’re not, and now endlessly followed and hassled by Biden censorship groups like NewsGuard. Well, that’s life on the front lines of the end times, that’s where the bullets fly, and this is where the LORD has placed us. The war is real, the battle hot and time is short…TO THE FIGHT!!!

Harbingers Daily
Anti-Semites Insist Modern Jews Are Not Descendants Of Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob

Are Modern Jews Descendants of the Khazars?

By Olivier Melnick: The world continues to distance itself from Israel and the Jewish people, giving increasing credence to the prophecies of Zechariah 12. The weed of Jew-hatred has found fertile soil in the various conspiracy theories spun about the Jewish people, spanning over centuries. Post-modernism has also added a challenge to debunking conspiracy theories since truth has become relative in many people’s minds. As a result, we are seeing an exponential increase in global antisemitism, and once again, the Jewish people are paying a high price as the ultimate scapegoats of humanity.

The tragedy of October 7, 2023, in Israel, has also helped to increase the momentum that certain conspiracy theories had over time. As global antisemitism now seems to be completely out in the open with no restraining in sight, those who are friends of Israel and have a genuine love for the Jewish people must equip themselves on how to debunk the main conspiracy theories against the Jewish people.

I want to look at the theory that modern Jews are descendants of the Khazars and have no ties to the original Judean Jews. Some people call it a theory, and others call it a hypothesis. How about calling it a conspiracy theory? The Khazars and their connection to the Jewish people continue to be shrouded in mystery, and yet, the theory exists that modern Jews are descendants of the Khazars and not of biblical Jews from the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Khazaria was located between Turkey and Russia in the northern Caucasus region. At the beginning of the 7th century, the Khazars became independent of the Turkic empire. They settled and dominated an area between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. Their independence and existence lasted for about two centuries after that. A campaign was launched against them from Kyiv in 965, and by 969, Russia had fully conquered Khazaria.

Prophecy News Watch
Medical Students Intimidated Into Worship Of Mother Earth & Praise For Hamas

By Aaron Sibarium/Washington Free Beacon: In a mandatory course on "structural racism" for first-year medical students at the University of California Los Angeles, a guest speaker who has praised Hamas's Oct. 7 attack on Israel led students in chants of "Free, Free Palestine" and demanded that they bow down to "mama earth," according to students in the class and audio obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia, who has referred to the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks as "justice," began the March 27 class by leading students in what she described as a "non-secular prayer" to "the ancestors," instructing everyone to get on their knees and touch the floor--"mama earth," as she described it--with their fists.

At least half of the assembled students complied, two students said. Gray-Garcia, a local activist who had been invited to speak about "Housing (In)Justice," proceeded to thank native tribes for preserving "what the settlers call L.A.," according to audio obtained by the Free Beacon, and to remind students of the city's "herstory."

The prayer also included a benediction for "black," "brown," and "houseless people" who die because of the "crapatalist lie" of "private property."

"Mama earth," Gray-Garcia told the kneeling students, "was never meant to be bought, sold, pimped, or played."

Heydon Music News
Latest Videos & Breaking News 04.04.24

Biden Admin Trying To
Take Down Netanyahu
–Plus Four Other Must Know Stories

Host Derek Gilbert: A left-wing agitator in Israel reportedly told colleagues on Zoom and WhatsApp that the White House is backing his riots after opposition leader Benny Gantz failed to bring down the government as promised.

5) Powerful earthquake rocks Taiwan;

4) Biden’s handlers trying to install left-wing government in Israel;

3) Bird flu turning up in U.S. dairy cattle;

2) $20 minimum wage in California forcing fast food chains to lay off thousands of workers;

1) Adidas to redesign German soccer team’s numeral font after it’s pointed out that the “44” looked a lot like the SS logo from WW2.

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