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Perilous Times Are Here! Weekend Edition

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News Roundup & Comment

Synopsis: Below are some of the highlights from Jim’s look at news events from our nation and around the world. Stories included:

Israel’s IDF carried out an aerial attack within Iran in response to the barrage of missiles and UAV’s launched toward Israel by Iran last Saturday evening.

Senator Ted Cruz slammed President Joe Biden this week for Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel saying the Biden administration paid for the missiles and drones that Iran used.

President Biden’s administration announced a new round of sanctions intended to punish key figures in Iran’s drone program after those system were used to strike Israel on April 13th.

A band of more than a dozen House lawmakers voted against a resolution condemning Iran for its drone and missile attack against Israel over the weekend.

The U.S. blocked Palestine’s latest effort to become a full member of the U.N. on Thursday, using its veto power during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

Days after the Biden administration gave its blessing to a newly formed Palestinian Authority government in the West Bank, the P.A. handed out dozens of bonus payments for security forces involved in the attacks on Israel.

About 100 protesters that took part in pro-Palestinian occupation camp on a Columbia University lawn were cuffed and hauled away by police in riot gear.

Hundreds of Jew haters armed with torches marched on the campus of Columbia University.

Dozens of Google employees at the company’s headquarters in California and New York held protests against company management after they signed a 1.1 billion dollar deal with the Israeli government.

Council on American/Islamic Relations (CAIR) is asking prosecutors to lock up journalists that expose the Hamas supporters.

The New York City Council began its meeting last Friday by praising Allah as the supreme Lord of the world.

The FBI is on alert for potential threats against Jews ahead of the start of Passover next week.

ISIS has been threatening attacks on sports venues all over Europe.

The Democrat controlled Senate dismissed both articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Wednesday.

You’ll also hear the latest concerning Donald Trump, a record set by Planned Parenthood, input from callers and much more.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:20b) The last prayer in the Bible

Harbingers Daily
Israel Applauds U.S. Security Council Veto ‘Thwarting The Unilateral Move To Impose A Palestinian Terrorist State’

By HR Staff: The United States on Thursday moved to block a Security Council resolution that sought to recommend the recognition of “Palestine” as a full UN member state.

The resolution, which asserted that “Palestine fulfills membership criteria” and needed nine favorable votes and no vetos to succeed, garnered alarming support with 12 approvals from Russia, China, France, Japan, South Korea, and Algeria—the nation that proposed the resolution.

Israeli envoy Gilad Erdan thanked the United States for “thwarting the unilateral move to impose a Palestinian terrorist state,” which he underscored was a stand for “truth and morality in the face of hypocrisy and politics.”

Erdan further highlighted the absurdity of calling Palestinians and the PA “peace-loving” while they provide payments to terrorists for the slaughter of Israelis.

“Most of you decided to reward Palestinian terror with [a] Palestinian State,” he stressed. “I pray that the day will come when you understand the magnitude of the mistake you are making here. I pray that you will understand before it is too late.”

Geller Report
Muslims And Leftists Beat Jewish Students At Columbia University

By Pamela Geller: Fresh on the heels of the President of Columbia University testifying before Congress that the pro-terror protests were “not anti-Jewish,” Muslims and leftists beat on Jews at Columbia University.

Hundreds of Jew-haters marched on the campus of Columbia university armed with torches chanted, “intifada” and threatened Jewish students.
Planned Parenthood Brought In $2.9 Billion Last Year, Killed 1,075 Babies In Abortions Every Day

By Liberty Counsel: Despite the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey on June 24, 2022, Planned Parenthood aborted five percent more unborn children during the 2022-2023 fiscal year than the previous year and brought in more than $2.9 billion in assets.

In the recently released 2022-2023 fiscal year annual report titled, “Above & Beyond,” Planned Parenthood states it performed 392,715 abortions. That means Planned Parenthood killed 1,075 babies in abortions every single day even though the abortion giant claims its main focus is merely “women’s health care.” In other words, Planned Parenthood kills 44 babies every hour.

End Of The American Dream
Why Are They Trying So Hard To Convince Us That People That Are Seeing Black-Eyed Demon Faces Have A “Disorder”?

By Michael Snyder: If you came into contact with someone with a face that looked like a demon and eyes that were completely black as night, what would you do?

Encounters of this nature are popping up on social media at the exact same time that the mainstream media is trying really hard to convince all of us that anyone that is seeing black-eyed demon faces has a “disorder”. In fact, if you type “demon face” into Google News, you will literally get hundreds of articles about a disorder known as prosopometamorphopsia. But this is a very, very rare disorder. At this point, less than 100 cases of PMO have ever been documented.

So why are they making such a big deal out of this “disorder” all of a sudden?

All of the news stories about this “disorder” focus on one 59-year-old man from Clarksville, Tennessee named Victor Sharrah. The following comes from NBC News...

Prophecy News Watch
There Is More To This Current Bird Flu Panic Than Meets The Eye

By Michael Snyder/End of The American Dream: Why are global health officials issuing such ominous warnings about the bird flu? Do they know something that the rest of us do not? H5N1 has been circulating all over the planet for several years now, and it has been the worst outbreak that the world has ever seen.

Hundreds of millions of birds are already dead, and now H5N1 has been infecting mammals with alarming regularity.

The good news is that so far it has not been a serious threat to humans, but could that soon change? According to the World Health Organization, the possibility that H5N1 could start spreading among humans is an "enormous concern"...

Heydon Music News
Latest Videos & Breaking News 04.20.24

Jerusalem Dateline
Israel Strikes Back

Synopsis: Israel strikes military targets in Iran, Syria & Baghdad. A display in Nir Oz highlights plight of hostages. A look at the Iran sanctions waiver, recently renewed by the Biden administration. Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein on Israel's miracle of April 13 and 14.

In a time where the world’s attention is riveted on events in the Middle East, CBN viewers have come to appreciate Chris Mitchell’s timely reports from this explosive region of the world. Mitchell brings a Biblical and prophetic perspective to these daily news events that shape our world.

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