Friday, April 12, 2024

The Divine Vine

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Pastor Mike Online – The Talk Show Hell Hates

Synopsis: Pastor shares his experience with the 2024 Total Eclipse of the Sun. The false prophets have yet again proved they are false by their predictions that have not come to pass. Stop listening to them! These false YouTube prophets get none of their predictions from Scriptures. They lie as they say thus saith the Lord. Scriptures refer to eclipses as signs never. The wicked seek after a sign.

IF the Bible is our standard--which Bible? Is there a difference in the versions? Is it true that all the basic doctrines presented in each are the same? NO. It is provable.

It all depends on which Greek and Hebrew Manuscripts that are used. The originals are gone. We only have copies, so which copies are we to use? Which line? King James is from the "Majority Texts"—Textus Receptus. The question to be asked: Did God inspire the writing? Did He preserve it? There can be only one True Word of God. Did God oversee the translation into other languages? The answer must be YES. It is a promise. KJV is 400 years old and the words have not changed. Do your own research. God bless.

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