Friday, April 5, 2024

The Worst Blasphemy Against The Bible I’ve Ever Heard!!

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Pastor Mike Online – The Talk Show Hell Hates

Synopsis: Pastor deals with a self-proclaimed prophet with a YouTube channel and website. Pastor dissects this false prophet/teacher, a supposed evangelical who states the the Holy Bible is actually from the devil and is the Mark of the Beast.

This man has the audacity to use Scripture to try and convince people to “close the book.” He’s had revelation from Christ himself that true Christians should have nothing to do with the Bible. Pastor shreds his arguments to pieces and somehow it’s not surprising that this man has passed away, but others are keeping his website and YouTube account still going.

People weak in the faith could fall prey to this teaching and Pastor Mike is providing the antidote for these blasphemous teachings. This false teacher joins the ranks of the many false teachers abounding today: Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Todd Bentley, and the list goes on.

The Bible says we are to test the spirits and what we test them with is the written Word of God which is a rock of offense to those who are perishing. God himself wrote the Scriptures and by his Word we are to test every matter.

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