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Perilous Times Are Here! May 16, 2024

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Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
Newly-Unveiled Portrait Of King Charles III Swimming In A ‘Sea Of Blood Red’ Shows The Image Of Baphomet When Placed Side By Side In Reverse

The brand-new and official royal portrait of King Charles III ‘swimming in a sea of red’ officially confirms conspiracy theories about him being the Antichrist

Even though I still see Emmanuel Macron as the leading candidate for the biblical ‘man of sin’, what King Charles III did yesterday when he unveiled his brand-new official portrait of himself was a total rock star move. You might even say it was, as the English might remark, ‘just a tad shocking’. If King Charles III was looking to keep his name alive amongst end times students of prophecy, he nailed it yesterday. A direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler who waits 70 years to become king of England, and his official portrait has him swimming in a sea of blood red. Well done, old chap, and cheerio. But wait, there’s something else you should know.

“For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy.” Revelation 16:6 (KJV)

Not only is his portrait swimming in a sea of blood red, it is also a huge portrait, approaching Genesis 6 giants size. As if the red was not shocking enough it has to be physically intimidating as well. Now let’s talk about that butterfly. King Charles III attends a church that at one time was a Christian church, the Church of England, but in our day is a functional Roman Catholic institution. Charles is well-versed and steeped in New Age spirituality, so the butterfly in his portrait would signal his ‘rebirth’ as a king, a ‘new beginning’, as well as perhaps a ‘message from the spirit world’. Whatever you think of him and his portrait, people across the board are duly shocked by what they saw, and they should be. It is a shocking piece of art, and just maybe, a message of what’s to come. One last thing. In the main photo for this article, I took the liberty of showing you his portrait two times, with the one photo given a horizontal 180-degree flip. If you look in the middle of this hand-painted and intentional portrait, you see the head of Baphomet. But I’m sure that’s just another one of those crazy ‘coincidences’, right?

Harbingers Daily
The Same Pagan ‘gods’ Are Fooling Millions Today… Just Under Different Names

By Tim Moore: In ancient times, false religion took the form of pagan practices and idol worship. Abram, the revered patriarch from Ur, believed God and left his family of idol worshippers to journey westward to a land of promise. When he arrived there, the Amorite people were also steeped in idol worship.

Simply put, idol worship involves any religious practice that elevates a false god. Since the only true and living God is Yahweh—revealed as three Persons in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—all other gods are, by definition, false. Men frequently craft idols of wood or stone or precious metals (Isaiah 44:10-20), but at times the gods are recognized as spirit beings who inhabit another realm altogether.

The Canaanite gods included the bloodthirsty Molech, Ashtoreth, and Baal. In Egypt, the sun was revered as a god and given the name Ra. Eventually, the pharaohs were elevated to godlike status—although that label did not prevent them from succumbing to death like every other mortal being. When the Romans ruled over the Mediterranean basin, they simply adopted the Greeks’ array of gods and gave them distinctively Roman names. Beginning with Julius Caesar in 42 BC, the Roman Senate began “deifying” their rulers—as if the pronouncement of man could elevate another mere mortal.

Prophecy News Watch
Reversing The Woke? Target Will Be More Humble This Coming Pride Month

By Suzanne Bowdey/Washington Stand: In an extremely gratifying twist, the company that bragged its transgender line is "great for our brand" has changed its mind after a yearlong stock market bruising. It's the latest evidence that the wildfire of consumer activism is not only spreading but forcing the kind of change most people never thought possible.

If you asked conservatives two years ago, stopping the woke at major brands would've been a victory. But reversing the woke? That's a tectonic shift in the power structure of Big Business. For once, CEOs--who for years have thrown their radical agenda in the face of shoppers--are feeling enough pain in their profit margins to stop and ask if appeasing the far Left is worth it.

Target CEO Brian Cornell, who flaunted the stores' chest binders and tucking swimming suits for kids as "progress," finally counted the cost of his social extremism late last summer. By the end of a dismal August, he didn't apologize, but he did admit that it was time for some soul-searching.

Frontpage Mag
Colleges Side With Radicals
Their Students Be Damned

By Betsy McCaughey: The Left and their media allies want you to believe the protests roiling college campuses are spontaneous uprisings of morally fervent students worried about Gaza war victims. Don’t fall for that claim. It’s a scam. These protesters don’t represent most students or the American public.

Yet recently, Columbia University canceled graduation ceremonies, kowtowing to the radical fringe, with whom they largely agree. Students and their families be damned.

Here are the facts: A miniscule 2% of people ages 18 to 29 polled by Harvard’s Kennedy School named the Israel-Hamas conflict as their top political concern, compared with double digits who were concerned about the economy. Students couldn’t care less about this issue.

Claims that today’s campus riots are reminiscent of 1968, when students closed down campuses to protest the Vietnam War, are nonsense. Back then, Gallup found 46% of respondents in that age group considered the Vietnam War the nation’s biggest problem. Not 2%.
Canadian Euthanasia Doctor
Who Has Killed 400 People Giggles
As She Discusses Killing

By Alex Schadenberg: Liz Carr is an actress, comedian and disability rights activist produced a documentary titled; Better off Dead? that was aired on May 14 by BBC1.

Better off Dead? documentary (Link)

Carr who is best known for her role as Clarissa Mullery on the BBC series Silent Witness, interviewed Ellen Wiebe, a Vancouver doctor who has committed some of Canada’s most controversial euthanasia deaths.

Elmira Tanatarova reported for the Daily Mail on May 15 that many of the viewers of the Better off Dead? documentary were uneasy with Wiebe as she giggled when discussing the number of her euthanasia deaths. Tanatarova reports.

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