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Perilous Times Are Here! June 12, 2024

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Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
Moderna Messenger RNA Combo Shot Puts COVID And Flu ‘Vaccines’ Together In Terrifying New Injection That No Human Being Should Ever Consider Taking

Moderna on Monday said its combination vaccine that targets both Covid-19 and the flu was more effective than existing standalone shots for those viruses in a late-stage trial.

I am 63 years old, and to date have never taken a COVID shot, and have never taken a flu shot either, and never will. Over the years we’ve done many stories on the dangers of the flu shot, but the number of victims for that pales in comparison with the number of victims that the COVID shots have claimed. Messenger RNA technology is not safe, and there is no incentive on this earth that could compel or entice me to try it. The 3,000,000 dead people who took COVID mRNA injections during the Pandemic are not wrong about its safety or efficacy. Moderna wants to put mRNA in everything, you’ve been warned.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
John 8:32 (KJV)

So now they’ve taken a bad thing, the flu shot, and combined it with a worse thing, the COVID shot, to create the perfect zombie knock-out punch that they want to inject inside your body. To me, just the mere mention of mRNA evokes grim memories of people dying by the tens of thousands, in a modern-day biochemical holocaust from Big Pharma. I don’t trust any of them, they are not worthy of your trust, and they will continue lying about their products until someone puts them out of business. We are hearing reports now of people who went to the hospital for a certain type of shot, and were given a COVID shot along with it without their consent. Don’t let that be you. Just say no, to all of it.

Harbingers Daily
The Collapse Of Societies Is First-And-Foremost The Result Of Rejecting God

By Christian Concern: What’s the point in praying for our nation?

We pray because we know that nations succeed when they submit to God, and they doom themselves when they don’t.

A nation doesn’t first-and-foremost need good social policies, nor a strong economy, nor a healthy justice system. To be sure, these things are all incredibly important – but what a nation needs first-and-foremost is a heart that submits to God – for from it all else flows (Proverbs 4:23).

The Greatest Commandment (Mark 12:29-30) is to love God with everything we have. And if you think about it, these incredibly important things like good policies, strong economies, and healthy justice systems are applications of the second Greatest Commandment; to love your neighbour.

But you can’t love your neighbour well if you don’t first love God well, because God is the foundation for all good that will ever flow. Any other foundation will always run up dry and broken.

Prophecy News Watch
63 U.S. “Problem Banks” Are Nearly Insolvent, But You Can’t Know Which Ones

By Daisy Luther/Organic Prepper: The FDIC recently released their quarterly report with some disturbing news: they have a list of "problem banks" that are "near insolvency." These banks are in trouble because of unrealized losses on securities ballooned from $39 billion to $517 billion.

In a quarter.

Not year over year. Not over a decade. Over a course of three months.

That's an absolutely shocking increase. Residential mortgage-backed securities are the brunt of the problem. Sound familiar? Remember the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008? When everything went to heck, it was over around a trillion dollars in mortgage-backed securities that caused the bubble to burst. We just went from sort of okay to half a trillion in three months.

This is a really big deal.

Which "problem banks" are in trouble?

This is where it gets sticky.

Geller Report

Six Islamic State (ISIS) Terrorists Arrested
In Operation In
New York, Los Angeles And Philadelphia

By Pamela Geller: So we are waiting for the next 9/11 or Boston marathon bombing or Pulse nightclub massacre etc.

America is in freefall.

End Of The American Dream
Our Apocalyptic “New Normal”:

Most Global Conflict Since WWII,
Most Billion Dollar Disasters Ever,
And Most Hungry People In History

By Michael Snyder: Our world is witnessing apocalyptic events so frequently that many of us are starting to become numb to it all. Major wars are raging all over the globe, children in Africa are literally dropping dead from starvation as hunger spreads like wildfire, and “billion dollar disasters” are hitting us more frequently than we have ever seen before. But as long as these tragedies are not affecting us directly, most people don’t really care too much. As the level of worldwide suffering rises, it seems as though hearts are getting colder at the same time. The traumatic events of the past several years have left deep scars, and there are many that prefer to ignore the apocalyptic things that are happening in the world because it is just too much for them to handle emotionally.

According to a brand new study, the number of armed conflicts in 2023 was the most that we have seen in a single year since the end of World War II…

Heydon Music News
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Wretched Watchmen
The Table: Satan’s Ruling Power Pyramid

Synopsis: JB Hixson joins me to talk about the Luciferian cabal and how Satan has structured a Satanic global governing system across all aspects of government, business & religion...

This clip taken from the Episode 205: The Watchtower 06/04/24

UN Says Hostage Rescue Was Unfair
–Plus Four Other Must Know Stories

Host Derek Gilbert: UN officials claim that Israel’s rescue of four hostages from Hamas terrorists violated international law because at least 100 Palestinian Arab civilians were killed—ignoring the fact that civilians were present because Hamas placed the hostages in private homes.