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Perilous Times Are Here! June 14, 2024

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Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
Mohammed bin Salman Makes Stunning Announcement That Saudi Arabia Will Not Be Renewing 50-Year Old Petro Dollar Deal With United States

The petrodollar system originated during the Yom Kippur war in 1973 when the US, facing economic challenges and an oil embargo, struck a deal with Saudi Arabia.

One of the main things that gives the United States global dominance is the fact that the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency. In 1973, the Petro Dollar System was established with Saudi Arabia, giving payment in US dollars to oil-exporting nations. The petrodollar system replaced gold as the standard of value and helped the US maintain its dominance in international trade. Now Mohammed bin Salman has pulled the plug on the whole thing by not renewing its contract with the United States. From a global perspective, there are few bigger stories right now than this one, this is huge.

“There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise;
but a foolish man spendeth it up.” Proverbs 21:20 (KJV)

In June 1974, the US and Saudi Arabia signed an 80-year petrodollar deal that was a key part of US global economic influence. Four days ago, that deal was scrapped by Mohammed bin Salman, potentially throwing the global financial order into chaos. From this point on, the move to CBDC is officially underway, and it will be a race to see who is able to corner that market. Saudi Arabia has made their intentions quite clear. Digital money is the currency of the future, and that future starts right now.

Harbingers Daily
To America’s Detriment,
The Biden Administration Is Actively Stabbing Israel In The Back

By Robert Gottselig: Lately, the Biden administration seems more interested in appeasing their anti-Israel left-wing base than standing with Israel, and in doing so, they are doing nothing more than stabbing Israel in the back.

Under Biden, the Democrats’ support for Israel has been wavering. One minute, they’re with Israel, supporting their right to defend themselves against the terrorist group Hamas, and the next minute, the Democrats under Biden are telling Israel to end the war and not to go into Rafah, leaving Hamas a victory and to live another day.

If you remember, in early May, Biden told Netanyahu that if Israel entered Rafah, the US would block specific weapons from being sent to the Jewish State. Then, at the end of May, Biden released a three-phase plan that he falsely claimed Israel had accepted. Here’s what Biden proposed...

Prophecy News Watch
Follow The Money: Universities Soak Up $13.1 Billion In Arab Funds

By Mitchell Bard/ According to my report, Arab Funding of American Universities: Donors, Recipients and Impact, American universities have accepted nearly $55 billion in foreign funding; nearly one-fourth came from donors from, and the governments of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Qatar is by far the largest source, donating nearly $6 billion. The $13.1 billion total is spread among 288 institutions in every state but Alaska. We know very little about how the money is spent because of the combined efforts of universities and the U.S. Department of Education (DoE) under President Joe Biden to conceal the information about the donors and the purpose of their donations.

The data goes back to 1981, but that is misleading. Although Arab governments made their first contributions to the defunct Ricker College in Maine in 1969, roughly 70% of the funds have been distributed in the last decade. More than $1 billion (about half from Qatar) was donated last year.

We do know which universities receive the money, but we rarely know what it is used for. Cornell is the largest recipient of Arab funds with more than $2.1 billion. At least $752 million was for the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. Another $9 million was used for unspecified research. That means $1.4 billion--more than half the money it has taken from Arab sources--is unaccounted for.
Supreme Court Rejects Challenge From Pro-Life Doctors to Abortion Pill,
Babies Will be Killed and Women Injured

By Steve Ertelt: The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a challenge to the abortion pill mifepristone, meaning the abortion drug will be widely available to continue killing babies and injuring doctors nationwide.

The 9-0 decision says the pro-life doctors who brought the case do not have standing – they were not injured, and so the court does not intervene. That’s even though they sued on behalf of women who were injured by the abortion drug by the thousands – including women who have been killed.

The attorneys for the pro-life doctors were disappointed by the decision.

The Economic Collapse
Enormous Mobs Are Literally Taking Over The Streets Of Major U.S. Cities
On A Nightly Basis

By ichael Snyder: very night, huge groups of young people are literally taking over streets in large cities all over America. In many cases, major intersections are completely blocked off for stunts and dangerous competitions involving vehicles. These events are called “street takeovers”, and they are often accompanied by theft, violence and other acts of crime. You have probably heard of “street takeovers” happening in big metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and Chicago, but at this point they are even happening in many rural areas. In fact, I just came across an article about how street takeovers have become a major problem in the state of Maine. As you will see below, the scale of these events is often so large that police will just sit back and do nothing to stop them. When they are outnumbered a hundred to one or a thousand to one, the police are often extremely hesitant to try to break things up.

Some of the biggest “street takeovers” in the nation occur in northern California, and this past weekend was certainly no exception…

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