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Perilous Times Are Here! June 17, 2024

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Harbingers Daily
The Seven Raptures:
Why The Catching Away Of The Church
Is Not A Biblically Unprecedented Event

By Mark Hitchcock: A lot of people find the idea of a rapture, a snatching away of people to heaven without dying, very difficult to accept. It seems too strange and too bizarre to be true. “After all,” they say, “nothing like that’s ever happened before!” But that’s actually not true.

It may surprise you to know that there has been a rapture before. In fact, there are several in Scripture. Six of these raptures have already occurred, historically foreshadowing and helping to shed some light on the final rapture still to come.

So, what are these six previous raptures, and what do they tell us about the final rapture that’s to come?

The rapture prior to the New Testament had not been clearly revealed. The Rapture in First Corinthians 15 is called “the mystery.” Now, “mystery” in the New Testament is not something spooky or hard to understand. It means a truth that’s never been revealed before. However, there are still three Old Testament rapture events that help serve as types, illustrations, foreshadows, previews, or patterns of the future rapture to come.

Geller Report
Israel Grieves Loss of Ten Israeli Defense Force Soldiers As Biden Brags About Using
“Extreme Pressure Threats” Against Israel.

By Pamela Geller: We lost 10 soldiers yesterday. Israel is engaged in more man to man combat because Biden won’t let them bomb targets.

Biden brags about his using “extreme pressure threats” AGAINST Israel. “President Joe Biden told a journalist that he is wielding “extreme pressure” against Israel and that he has threatened consequences should Jerusalem not follow his agenda, in an interaction that was posted to social media platform TikTok.”

In what’s being dubbed the most significant loss of life for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in recent months…

The Economic Collapse
In The Old Days We Had “Slumlords”, But In 2024 We Have “Vanlords”

By Michael Snyder: If you live in a major city, you can see them all around you. I am talking about aging vans, RVs and trailers that are parked on the side of the road for months at a time and that obviously have people living in them. There is an entire class of people that live in such conditions, and there is an entire class of “businessmen” that prey on such people. When I was growing up, there were lots of headlines about “slumlords” that were taking advantage of the poor. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a “slumlord” is “a landlord who receives unusually large profits from substandard, poorly maintained properties”. Today, we have a different sort of a problem. “Vanlords” are parking vans, RVs and trailers along the streets of the worst parts of our major cities, and they are renting them out to people that cannot afford regular homes. Sadly, we live at a time when lots and lots of people cannot afford regular homes because homelessness is absolutely exploding all over the nation. In some areas there have been efforts to crack down on the “vanlords”, but when things get too hot in one area they just move somewhere else. As long as there are vast hordes of homeless Americans that are deeply suffering, there will be “vanlords” that are eager to take advantage of them.

Matt Feely just authored a very interesting piece about this phenomenon. He says that things are particularly bad in the poorest sections of Oakland...

All News Pipeline
Ticketed, Fined And Thrown In Jail For The ‘Felony’ Of Leaving Skid Marks On Ludicrous ‘Pride’ Road Paint Shows The Insanity Of The Gay Mafia Agenda

By Alan Barton: Sometimes a story idea just seems weird, sometimes it really is weird. And at other times, who gives a dang about that; the story just needs to be written. I do not know where this one fits in, but c’est la vie my mother might have said. There is something that is not really important, but irritates me to no end, so I must get it off my chest as the idiom goes ——

Ever notice how when you are on road marking paint, you know, those painted lines that keep you in some lane, or that show where exactly to stop at the stop sign, or which direction that lane turns, or let you know you are going the wrong way on this road you big dummy. Well, you may then have noticed that your car’s tires are not gripping like they do on regular pavement. Easy to see you are not alone because your tires squeak when you accelerate over the line, and the other guys do as well. When the roads are wet it is far worse, with the loss of traction being very noticeable.

There are lots of different paints used in marking the highways; even heat applied plastic strips. Some are reflective for visibility especially in wet weather when normal markings seem to disappear. Then there are those that are designed to last a longer time between repainting and others that are made to be temporary. Whatever, there is one thing that they all have in common, and that is a lack of traction compared to normal pavement. Even those paints that are impregnated with sand or other bits to increase traction, they are still comparatively slipperier than the pavement itself.

Jihad Watch
UC Berkeley ‘Islamophobia’ Professor Livestreams Pro-Hamas Protest:
‘Glory To The Martyrs!’

By Robert Spencer: In an Islamic context, being a martyr doesn’t mean simply dying for one’s faith. The Qur’an promises paradise to those who “kill and are killed” for Allah (9:111). That’s what being a martyr involves: killing infidels.

Hatem “Hate ‘em” Bazian is the head of a group with multiple ties to Hamas. He is also “director of the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project at Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender,” which means that he is a professional whiner in the business of Muslim victimhood, dedicated to bringing as much attention as possible to incidents, real or imagined, in which Muslims are victimized. He has claimed risibly that “the Muslim is presumed guilty” on American college and university campuses. and that “as such, (they) experience verbal harassment, bullying, even physical attacks. But the assumption is that the Muslim is the instigator.”

Heydon Music News
Latest Videos & Breaking News 06.17.24

John Haller’s Prophecy Updates

Synopsis: Hezbollah escalates in the shadow of US-Israel tensions over Rafah.

The Common Sense Show - Dave Hodges
The 2 Strategies Globalists Will Force You Into Open Air Concentration Camps

The David Knight Show
The Apps That Snitch On Your Driving & Raise Your Insurance Rates

Synopsis: • A major insurance company has set up a very sneaky and stealthy way to raise you insurance rates by spying on you with apps you wouldn't suspect.

• Speed cameras write false tickets

Athey Creek – Brett Meador
June 2024 Prophecy Update
Chaos or Christ? You Choose

Synopsis: Paul gives us final instructions in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-24 on how to respond as believers as we watch the world fall into chaos and prepare for what will come in the Last Days. In our June 2024 Prophecy Update, we examine the ongoing situation in Israel, current geopolitical issues, and the continued moral collapse of society as we learn how we can be comforted by Christ and not troubled by chaos as these events rapidly unfold.