Friday, April 11, 2014


Our God And Country Commentator
“America...Bless God, Again”

The Liberal Showdown With America Continues
An American Rancher Is Being Targeted And May Soon Be
Dead At The Hands Of The Obama Administration

“Cliven Bundy’s cattle ranch is under siege by federal agents because he won’t let the feds push him around....the snipers are setting this going to be another Ruby Ridge?”

About Wild Bill:
Bill grew up in the Colorado Rockies and had a successful career in law enforcement, serving as both a Deputy Sheriff and a Deputy U.S. Marshal. He is a graduate of the Colorado Law enforcement Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Academy and the U.S. Marshal’s Academy. Prior to law enforcement Bill served with the U.S. Marines as a Corpsman. » Full Bio

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“To support and encourage the Tea Party and other conservative Americans because they are the people who will guard America’s freedom and heritage, ensuring that the United States will continue to be the greatest nation in history.”

“To promote Biblical values and remind American’s of the importance of faith in God, His Son, Jesus Christ and His written Word, as our ultimate guide to all of life.”

“To speak out boldly on the most important issues of our time, with just the right amount of humor and satire to keep it interesting.”

“To keep America as one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all”

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