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Income Tax Myth Exposed: Why They Don’t Need Your Tax Dollars To Fund The Government

It’s a complete myth that the IRS needs your tax dollars to fund the federal government. Hear the truth in this episode of Awakenings with Mike Adams.

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, Editor of Natural News — It's tax season again, and much of the U.S. population is busy filling out tax forms to send their hard-earned money to Washington. The crazy thing about this bizarre ritual is that it's based on a myth: the U.S. government doesn't need your tax dollars to fund its operations at all!

In this latest episode of Awakenings, I explain exactly why the government doesn't need your money and why the tax code is actually a system of social engineering rather than revenue generation.

Why the idea that your tax dollars are needed to fund the government is a myth.

How the federal government can -- and does -- create trillions of dollars out of nothing when it wants to (for bailing out wealthy banks).

Why the real purpose of the IRS tax code is to exist as a tool of social control where behaviors can be punished or rewarded by lawmakers and special interests.

How money is created as a debt burden against the People.

Total federal tax revenues are only around $3 trillion annually.

Why the federal income tax could be abolished overnight -- and the government would never run out of money.

How abolishing all federal income taxes could revolutionize the U.S. economy and create millions of jobs, supporting small businesses, local jobs, investment, savings and more.

How to government is already creating over $1 trillion a year in new money that's handed over to wealthy banks and injected into the economy.

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