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Former Muslim Brotherhood Member Now Peace Activist

Video: Hamas Using UN Ambulance

Walid Shoebat, Shoebat Foundation — Through numerous past reports, it is evident that the Hamas have no qualms in cowardly hiding behind civilians as human shields. Here on The Inquisitr alone, we reported that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recognized the Hamas using the Palestinian civilians as such. But it seems that the Hamas are proud to use their own citizens as human shields too, especially children.

Now reports are coming in of another human shield tactic. As a method of transportation, the Hamas are now riding in ambulances. That’s right! Vehicles used in the transportation of people who need medical attention are now being employed to transport terrorists. What is worse, they are filling the vehicles not just with Hamas terrorists, but with children too.

According to an article by Front Page, Hamas has double-downed on the human shield tactics by transporting their militants through ambulances filled with children. This is actually a very sick and twisted tactical ploy which will make Israel look like the enemies. Why? If Israel takes these out, they just bombed an ambulance full of kids. That is surely not good publicity whatsoever, especially when most of the world already supports the “freeing of Palestine”, especially in London and Chicago.

In a follow-up article by Israel Matzav, the IDF stated they saw this tactic being used as shown in the video above. The article even details this tactic in the following explanation:
“Hamas is an expert at embedding itself in the midst of the Palestinian civilian population and using it as human shields, to seek immunity from the army.

“In recent days, IDF sources reported spotting Hamas gunmen boarding ambulances in Gaza filled with children.

“Hamas urged residents of northern Gaza to remain in their homes, and provide cover for its concentration of rocket launch squads in that area.

“These tactics are designed to provide the terrorist organization with protection from the IDF.”
How evil is that? Using ambulances filled with children as a cover? What’s next? Having each kid hold a puppy too? Claim that the ambulance doubles as a mosque? Still, if there is any way to use humans as shields, the Hamas will find a way.

Hamas transporting terrorists in a United Nations Ambulance in Gaza

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