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Life Imitating Art... A Coincidence You Say?
A ‘Blast’ from the Past
(Released 17 years ago, A story-line that is shaping up to be 100% Reality today.)

A Very Uncivil Comedy
Comedy | Drama - 15 March 1997 (USA)

What happens when Governor Farley of Idaho (Beau Bridges) decides to close his state’s borders rather than allow a planeload of immigrant orphans to make it their home? The answer is hilarious, frightening, scandalous - and may well be the start of THE SECOND CIVIL WAR.

In this outrageous comedy, a nation watches - on TV - while the President (Phil Hartman) turns to his advisors, including lobbyist Jack Buchan (James Coburn), for advise. As the crisis escalates, it all depends on the Governor of Idaho. Will he be open to peaceful negoiations? Not before he’s negoiated his way back into the bedroom of businesslike NewsNet reporter Christina Fernandez (Elizabeth Peña) with whom he is having a stormy affair. NewsNet is covering the tension at the Idaho state border as armed forces move in from either side. Will the Govermor give way to his immigrant love or anti-immigration war? Either way, it looks like there’ll be nothing civil about THE SECOND CIVIL WAR.

Beau Bridges as Gov. Jim Farley
Joanna Cassidy as Helena Newman
Phil Hartman as The President
James Earl Jones as Jim Kalla
James Coburn as Jack Buchan
Dan Hedaya as Mel Burgess
Elizabeth Peña as Christina
Denis Leary as Vinnie Franko
Ron Perlman as Alan Manieski
Kevin Dunn as Jimmy Cannon
Shelley Malil as Congressman Singh
Brian Keith as Maj. Gen. Charles Buford

This movie was an original film made by HBO and was shown in 1997 and then disappeared.

Why? Too many un-PC remarks is my guess. At one point Dan Hedaya (head of the CNN look-alike NetworkNews) yells that somebody needs to get the White House on the phone “unless Tokyo has foreclosed on it!” The story is brilliantly created and the cast is amazing.

Look at the cast and ask yourself how this film could just disappear.

The mayor of Los Angeles is giving a speech, and the newsroom is frantically looking for a translator, but NOT to translate into Spanish. No, to translate HIS speech into English.
-Review Author: sterhill-1 from United States

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