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Examining Current Events In The Light Of God’s Prophetic Word

A Muslim Cleric Has Called For The Destruction Of The US And
The EU And A Muslim Kingdom To Be Setup Jn Jerusalem

This “Daily Update” Aired: December 19, 2014
The Friday sermon by a radical Muslim cleric in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount has the world paying attention. The cleric stated that Islam will destroy the US and the EU and setup an Islamic kingdom in Jerusalem. David Dolan, longtime journalist in Jerusalem reports to us about this provocative statement

David Dolan: Definitely provocative Jimmy but it's something we have been hearing not necessarily from the site of the ancient Jewish Temple itself but certainly from many mosques around the region. We have had such calls made before, I don't know that it ever included a call for the destruction of the US though. It's considered of course officially one of 13 holy sites, Mecca of course being number 1 in Arabia, Medina where Mohammed was buried number 2, and then Jerusalem is ranked 3.

They believe that their triumph what the Koran says, the triumph of Islam over the infidels over Judaism and Christianity and other faiths, the fact that Mohammed is the final prophet as they see it, etc. as written out in the Koran and that was all proof to be the case by their conquest of Jerusalem soon after Mohammed's death. That site's very important. This is just another step towards that worldwide move to bring in a caliphate and to unite all of the Arab-Muslim countries under one banner, provocative and it's something Israel has to keep a close eye on and so does the rest of the world.

Jimmy’s Prophetic Prospective on the News

The call for an Islamic kingdom headquartered in Jerusalem is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Islamic eschatology does call for a worldwide kingdom that will be based in Jerusalem. The Mahdi, Arabic for messiah, will rule this Islamic caliphate, a worldwide Islamic kingdom from Jerusalem. The Biblical Kingdom will be setup in Jerusalem according to Zechariah 1:16 when Jesus Christ comes back. He will come to Jerusalem, build His Temple, and then He will rule and reign from that Temple, Zechariah 6:13. He will do that in fulfillment of the Davidic Covenant, a promise to King David that there will be a Kingdom forever on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, II Samuel 7.

The Islamic call for a kingdom in Jerusalem is simply setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Air Date: December 13, 2014
Jimmy’s guests from around the world this week include Ken Timmerman, Dave Dolan, Dr. Rob Congdon, Colonel Bob Maginnis, Jimmy DeYoung, Jr. and Dave James.

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