Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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Todd Starnes: The Enemy Is Among Us

Todd Starnes, Fox News & Commentary — The enemy is among us.

That’s the subject of Monday’s “Todd’s American Dispatch,” as Fox News’ Todd Starnes raised questions about radical Islamists living in the U.S.

“FBI director James Comey delivered some alarming words to law enforcement officers last week in Mississippi: There are Islamic radicals living among us – in all 50 states -- and there are open FBI cases in every state but Alaska,” Starnes said. “President Obama once told us he had Al Qaeda on the run, and he's right - they're running right across our borders and right smack into our neighborhoods.”
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TODD STARNES is the host of FOX News & Commentary — heard daily on the Fox News Radio network. Throughout his journalism career, Todd has covered a number of high profile stories — taking him from Wall Street to the White House. He is also a frequent contributor to FOX Nation and He has made regular appearances on FOX & Friends and Hannity. His work is heard on hundreds of radio stations around the nation. In his spare time, Todd is active in his church, plays golf, follows SEC football, and eats barbecue.

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