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“Esau was a man who understood hunting, a man of the field,
whereas Jacob was an innocent man, dwelling in tents.”

Genesis 25:27

Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler, Breaking Israel News (BIN) —
Rabbi Nachman Kahana, author and Torah scholar who lives and works in the Old City of Jerusalem, recently published an article in which he proposes that the true, but largely unspoken agenda in the nuclear deal with Iran is the final destruction of Israel.

He writes, “Europe and the US have taken an evil and stupid risk in the hope that the Iranians and their satellites will finish for them what Hitler was unable to do.”

Kahana instructs his readers that anti-Israel Christians in the United States and Europe are the spiritual descendants of the Biblical Esau. Similarly, anti-Israel Muslims throughout the world are the spiritual descendants of Ishmael. He reviews how these two Biblical characters and their descendants have been the enemies of the Jewish people throughout history.

In his article, Kahana claims that,“The Christian nations of Europe and the United States have contrived together artfully, surreptitiously, cunningly, deviously, and manipulatively to elegantly rid the world of the Jewish State. This is the unarticulated, but fully understood, motive behind the deal made with the willing Iranians which will not appear in history books.”

In speaking with Breaking Israel News, Kahana was firm and respectful about the need to distinguish between individual Christians who love and support the Land of Israel and the anti-Israel governments of Western nations that are predominantly Christian.

Kahana is well-known for making strong, often controversial statements. For many years, he has been urging the Jewish population of the United States to move to Israel before anti-Semitism in the US grows truly dangerous. He is aware that his statement about the nuclear deal with Iran sounds paranoid, but he claims that it is based on solid teachings from Jewish sources.

Further, he asserts that Obama himself is complicit in this hidden agenda. “Obama is the Christian West’s dream come true. He is an Islamic who has subordinated the interest of the United States in the cause of hygienically ridding the world of the Jewish nation and its religion.”

Despite this gloomy picture, Kahana ends his article on a positive note, reminding readers that the redemption is coming and that, throughout history, God repeatedly turns, “desperately bad situations for His chosen people into days of joy, feasting and offering…”.

In a related story, on July 26, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee came under fire for tweeting this message in an attempt to get the Iran deal overturned by the United States Congress: “The Iran nuclear deal is marching the Israelis to the door of the oven.”

Tell Congress to do their constitutional duty & reject the Obama-Kerry #IranDeal –>

                  — Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) July 26, 2015

In effect, Huckabee is agreeing with Rabbi Nachman Kahana. Using different language and speaking in vastly different contexts, the two men are both making the case that, if allowed to be implemented, the nuclear agreement with Iran is a specific threat against the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.

Although he has been taken to task by liberal Jewish groups in the United States and the American president himself for using the Holocaust analogy, Huckabee has stood by his statement.
About the Author, Rivkah Lambert Adler
RIVKAH LAMBERT ADLER made aliyah from Baltimore in 2010; She has been blogging about women and Judaism and about making aliyah since 2004; Professionally, she writes web content and manages social media for small business owners.

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