Saturday, July 12, 2014


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The Party That Lives And Dies By Photo-Ops Says
“No Photos! Zilch, Zero, Nada”

Partial Transcript
RUSH: This is Neil Cavuto yesterday afternoon on the Fox News Channel, and he spoke with Mike Brown, the former FEMA director under George W. Bush. They’re talking about the immigration crisis Southern border. Brown had a good point, by the way. But I want to see if you pick something up in this bite. Neil Cavuto said, “There are a lot of differences, but the one commonality, when you get to the scene of the incident — and President Bush was criticized for getting to Katrina too late; this president for not getting to the border at all. So, which is worse, Bush getting to the scene too late or Obama not even going?”

BROWN: During Katrina, you had a focal point, you had the New Orleans Superdome, and that focal point allowed the media to really focus on what was going on in that natural disaster. What you don’t have in the border issue is the focal point. The media hasn’t been able to get in, so there’s no focal point for anybody to focus on, so the American public doesn’t get that this humanitarian crisis is as bad as the natural disaster in Katrina. But the president’s not going to go because this really fits the Limbaugh Theorem, that he uses the words that he’s involved, he’s paying attention, his staff is briefing him, but he’s not gonna go ’cause he doesn’t want a photo-op.

RUSH: Did you catch that, folks? Did you? Former FEMA director “Brownie” referred to the Limbaugh Theorem to explain what Obama is doing vis-a-vis this humanitarian crisis, and he’s right on the money. He understands the Limbaugh Theorem. I’m so thrilled. I’m so excited when somebody outside this universe understands and he gets it. And, you know, it’s also a good point. It, in addition to this… Look, there’s another point I want to make here, too, ’cause I think this is important.

Whenever there is a crisis involving children, the Democrat Party can’t wait to show it to you. They put the children all over, they give us all the details about their plight and their story, and there’s none of that here. And I was joking the other day about a telethon. “Where’s the telethon? Where’s the hashtag?” The truth of the matter is, there will never be a telethon. Because if you do a telethon, if you’re gonna do a Sally Struthers-type thing, you’ve got to give the backstory.

You have to explain who these kids are, how they happened to get here, what in the world is going on — and there’s nobody on the left that wants to go there. In fact, it’s just the opposite. They’re doing everything they can to prevent the story from being told. They don’t want anybody to even take a picture of these kids and the others that are immigrating illegally. They don’t allow cameras in. They’re not allowing the media in. This is one of the first Democrat Party programs for the children where they do not and will not allow anybody to see a single photo.

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